Mary and Bill Film: Meet My Friend Mary (a 90-year old triathlete)

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a private screening of the film Mary and Bill, starring my friend & former neighbor Mary Stroebe. Mary became a triathlete in her late seventies (no excuses people!). She's completed over 12 sprint triathlons. She retired at age 90 and now fires the starting gun at her favorite event the Life Time Fitness triathlon in Minneapolis.

At age 89 Mary went head-to-head with TV host Kelly Ripa in a timed triathlon in New York City, later receiving a Relly award from Regis and Kelly.

The evening in downtown Madison, Wis., combined many of the things I love: my hubby Ken, triathlon, film, can-do stories, state street, original art & music. I shouldn't have worn mascara, the film made me teary in a good way.

The film is directed by Andrew Napier. He began filming Mary and Bill during his senior year in High School.

Please enjoy the trailer, I know you'll love both Mary & Bill, both are true characters.
Mary and Bill

Mary and Bill Trailer from Andrew Napier on Vimeo.


teacherwoman said...

Wow! You're right, no excuses! :)

KBWogs said...

That trailer is awesome! My favorite is when Mary flexes her muscles. Rock on girl! I hope I make it to 90 and that I can still do triathlons. Thanks for sharing!

Carolina John said...

those are crazy inspirational stories! how cool.

Runner Leana said...

Wow, that's awesome! Mary's got some guns!!

Bobbysez said...

Great stuff - why are these guys not in charge? Such an inspiration.

Victory is Finishing said...

Awesome! I love it....makes me want to go out on a training ride as soon as I get home! How lucky your are to know Mary!