Swim - Bike - Run - Smile

During my nearly 17-hour Ironman triathlon, I remember the athletes who smiled. Seriously.

A smile during an event is powerful:
- If I'm in a foggy zone, a smile helps me wake up.
- If I'm barely moving, a smile helps me move a little faster.
- If I'm tense, a smile helps me relax and bike/run more naturally.
- If I'm annoyed, a smile helps me shake it off.
- If I'm happy, a smile makes it all even better.

Triathlon is known for its camaraderie. Triathletes encourage well. I think it's part of triathlon's massive appeal.

A study recently published by a British medical journal shows happiness is contagious, and that being around other happy people is a major boost! I agree, a smile on the bike or run segment of a race certainly helps carry me to the finish.

Tell me:
- As you swim, bike and run, do you smile? Or are you too serious?
- Do other athletes smile back?
- Are triathletes happy people?

My smile is biggest when I'm reading your comments.

Picture: Me, on a bridge near our village. I'm smiling as I almost bike right into my husband, who is taking my picture. Look out!


Ironman said...

I certainly agree, triathlons are an awesome environment. Not only are the triathletes fun and encouraging, but the volunteers and spectators are equally awesome. I have never been part of a better group of people. I always smile during an event,no matter how much pain is underneath that smile. LOL.

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Boy, I do all sorts of things. SOmetimes I cry, then I smile, then I curse and swear. It depends on where I'm at in the triathlon. I love the wind behind me, I hate it in front of me, and I might cuss or smile or sing depending!

triblog carol said...

Nice post! I am always smiling when I'm riding my bike. I love to ride my bike!

Borsch said...

Great Photo

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Ironman- I think so too. Triathlons and triathletes are uplifting!

Iron GeekGirl Misty- Yep, I get that. I've had a strange mix of smile/swear/cry going on.

Triblog Carol- Thanks! I need to love my bike more.

Borsch- Thanks! I/we love taking pictures. This bridge is beautiful.

billp said...

The athletes have always been encouraging. I just stepped up to a long event and had a bit of a struggle. But all the other athletes were cheering my on.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hello again happy triathletes!

Several people responded on my active.com thread "Is Smiling for Sissies?" Read at http://community.active.com/message/538493.


eric said...

Absooluuutely! A quick smile between grimaces does it for me!

Big Easy

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Big Easy, thanks for stopping by & for responding.
Keep smiling!