A Training Party With Trek & Sally Edwards

This week I met Sally Edwards, triathlon pioneer and spokeswoman for the new Trek Women Triathlon Series.

Although I've finished triathlons of all distances I've never done a women's only triathlon. Either the dates didn't work out or I already had other events in mind. To clarify, I'm a slow & humble triathlete, I wasn't avoiding the series because I had years of experience etc.
I knew I couldn't make this year's closest Trek event (*same weekend as the USA Triathlon Level One Coaching Clinic in Minnesota), but I wanted to learn more about Sally & the Trek series, so I went and I had fun.
About 100 women of all ages & sizes were chatting around the room as I walked in. Sally had us do a mixer helping people meet triathletes who lived closest to them. She offered free race registration to the 2 women who met tonight for the first time, set up a time to workout together in the next week & lived the closest to each other.
Most women were already triathletes--they came back to this meeting for some of Sally's famous pep talks. Sally also included info on: how to use heart-rate charts, how to find your max heart rate, what bricks are, and how to taper.

Party favors included: lace locks, SportsBeans, financial advice/handouts from MassMutual Financial Group & a free 8-week Trek training program.
Sally suggested we become students of training: study, learn, go to events, meet other triathletes and have fun! She emphasized fitness is the best gift we can give ourselves. And, she told triathletes who are afraid of being the worst one there to "invite someone worse than you to train with you!" Besides, Sally traditionally finishes last at every Trek Women's Triathlon, just as she had with the Danskin series, so that no woman has to be last.

Funny, the two women who won free race registration even looked similar. I think one was named Diane and one named Dorrie. They'd never met & live less than a mile from each other. They're meeting to swim this week.

What a fun party! Thanks Sally!
Questions for you:
- Have you done a women's only event? Thoughts?
- How would you market something similar to men training for their first tri? If you know of one, tell me.

photo credit:
another party participant took my photo with Sally but I cropped myself out, I had squinty eyes and a terrible chin angle (pride), Sally's tiny.


Jennifer said...

I did the Danskin tri in 2003 and am doing the Trek tri in July. These are the only triathlons I have done, but I will say that I love doing a women only tri. That may change if I finally catch the bug and become more competitive.
I haven't had the pleasure of hearing Sally Edwards in person and would love to do so.

Kari said...

My next tri is a woman only event. Right now it looks to be very small. Actually, now that I think about it my next two tris are women only. The first one so far 67 people are signed up. I don't know if that is typical for this tri or not. The one after is much bigger.

Sara Cox Landolt said...
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Sara Cox Landolt said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by & commenting. Sally is a motivator!

Kari, cool! I'd love to do a smaller tri as well. I hope it's a great day for racing!

*And again, to be clear, women's only tris are great venues for first-time triathletes & offer excellent courses/encouragement for veterans as well. While women's only triathlons are beginner friendly, they attract athletes of all abilities & speed!

Karin & Brian said...

I'm planning on doing the Kansas City Women's Triathlon on August 1st. I did this event 2 years ago and loved it! I feel like women's events are very supportive and I remember the leader of the race (who went on to win) cheering me on as she was on her way back from the out and back run. Before the race started, I felt like there was a lot of talking and visiting and just a general camaraderie among the competitors that I hadn't seen at co-ed races. It was a great atmosphere and I'm looking forward to it again this year.

Velma said...

Way to go Sara - this sounds like so much fun! I love my Trek bike :) Maybe I can do this race next year as well :)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Karin, I love that about triathlon, that the winners often come back for the midnight IM finishers, or at shorter races, they'll stay at the finish & encourage everyone. So cool!!

Velma, thanks! Sounds like a race plan for next year!