Duck Tape Agility Ladder

In the warmer Wisconsin months I lead a group of men and women of all ages through a free weekly bootcamp-style workout. I'm introducing agility ladders this season so earlier this year I made two ladders. See this post with directions for the rope versions.
Today I made another ladder out of Duck Tape and craft dowels ($0.97/16 .1875in x 12 inch-pieces.)

Pros: affordable, with fun colors available. I bought:
- silver Duck Tape (general purpose version) $3.97/55 yards
- Blaze Orange Duck Tape $3.37/16.5 yards

Cons: Duck tape is sticky!! If you want each piece/square/angle perfect, then use small pieces and patience. Mine is not perfect -- but I think it'll work fine.
I made the squares about 18 in x 18 in. The dowels were easy to snap in half, so each rung was 1.5 dowels wide. I'm hoping the dowels help weight down the rungs.
Agility Exercises:
Duck vs. Duct? Learn more here.
Duck Tape Pirate Hat - make your own here.
Check out the Duck Tape Club (tm) for more ideas.
Question for You:
- What have you made out of Duck Tape?
- Do you say Duct or Duck?
- What other exercises/ideas should I consider for this year's bootcamp season?
- Do you think the orange rungs will encourage people to move their feet?
photos by me: I bought a ton of craft dowels! Extra tape too.


sara said...

Hey super Sara you rock and I can't wait to try out your ladders this year! We love "duck" tape at our house and use it for many many reasons but a favorite was a ring toss game I made when I was teaching! Thanks for all you do!!

teacherwoman said...

That is too cool!

Robin said...

This is really helpful! I'd like to use agility ladders in our home crossfit-style gym, but haven't wanted to shuck out to buy them. Thanks for posting instructions!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Super Sara -- tomorrow night! Looking forward to our first official Village Bootcamp of the season.

Teacherwoman - Thanks! :-)

Robin - Thanks for reading & for your comment. I agree, it's nice to have some DIY options! Enjoy!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Special note - don't use this model in the rain and/or wet conditions! At least it's easy to repair a duck tape ladder!