You Know You're a Triathlete When...

For a little fun, on a cold drizzly afternoon.

You know you're a triathlete when...
  • You have a rain bike.

  • Your laundry bin is always full.

  • You love the smell of sharpie on race morning.

  • You hoard safety pins just in case.

  • You've taken an ice bath.

  • When you hear a canon fire, you automatically want to start swimming.

  • You can run farther than your dog.

  • You compete with your spouse for the lowest resting heart rate.

  • Your coat closet is filled with bright yellow jackets, vests and jerseys.

  • You shout "on your left" when passing other After Thanksgiving Day shoppers.
With thanks to my husband for helping me create this list and for introducing me to triathlon 13 years ago! Thanks also to Sherpa, our lab, who basically walks next to me as I jog.

What's your favorite? What would you add?

Head to this group for more unique attributes!

And, for even more list-reading fun find a list of race-day checklists here.

Check It Off - Your Tri Race Day Checklist

As a triathlete and mom of three, a great race day checklist is a lifesaver.

My list includes columns with items like:

pre-race: directions, confirmation letter, warm clothes, money photo ID

swim: wetsuit, swim cap, goggles, bodyglide

bike: helmet, bike shoes, socks, sunglasses, spare tubes, electrical tape

run: running shoes, hat, gels/nutrition

post-race: dry clean clothes, plastic bag for wet stuff, recovery food, massager or rolling pin

How do you organize for an event? Do you also love the checklist? Have you ever had to buy something on site? What's top on your list?

Here is a list of lists to help you prepare for your next event. Pick the list that works best for you.

Have a better list? Send me the link and I'll add it.

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