Yes, You Can - Become a Triathlete in 2009

Tick. Tock. Time's up.

  • No more sitting on the sideline.

  • No more wondering.

  • No more thinking, "I could do that."

It's time. Your time to try a triathlon.

Crossing your first finish line and becoming a triathlete is something you'll never forget. Each triathlon is an experience that lasts beyond race day. The memories will carry you well past the finish line.

Believe me, you want to cross that finish line.

Why not? Triathlon is an experience. It's a great sport for all ages and abilities. The sport of triathlon offers something fulfilling for anyone, elite athletes to couch potato-turned-athletes. Triathlon is for you!

Get up and start moving. Nervous? Good news, there are many great resources out there including:'s Newbie Triathlete section
10 Tips for First-time Triathletes
Your First Triathlon

10 Most Common Multisport Mistakes

If you are new to exercise, start off easy, be safe. But start! You can do this!

Already a triathlete? Challenge time. Who can you encourage? As you think ahead to 2009, ask a friend to join you as you swim, bike and run. Your encouragement could make the difference!

Photo by Ken Landolt: I trained with my friend Stephanie for her first triathlon last summer. So much fun! Say Yes! to triathlon in 2009!

Swim - Bike - Run - Smile

During my nearly 17-hour Ironman triathlon, I remember the athletes who smiled. Seriously.

A smile during an event is powerful:
- If I'm in a foggy zone, a smile helps me wake up.
- If I'm barely moving, a smile helps me move a little faster.
- If I'm tense, a smile helps me relax and bike/run more naturally.
- If I'm annoyed, a smile helps me shake it off.
- If I'm happy, a smile makes it all even better.

Triathlon is known for its camaraderie. Triathletes encourage well. I think it's part of triathlon's massive appeal.

A study recently published by a British medical journal shows happiness is contagious, and that being around other happy people is a major boost! I agree, a smile on the bike or run segment of a race certainly helps carry me to the finish.

Tell me:
- As you swim, bike and run, do you smile? Or are you too serious?
- Do other athletes smile back?
- Are triathletes happy people?

My smile is biggest when I'm reading your comments.

Picture: Me, on a bridge near our village. I'm smiling as I almost bike right into my husband, who is taking my picture. Look out!