Preheat + 10-13: Mini-Workout!

A frozen pizza takes between 10-13 minutes to bake once the oven is pre-heated.

Using a strategy from GOTRIbal contributor and Hot Sweaty Mamas co-author Kara Douglass Thom, I've converted my "waiting for pizza to be done time" into a perfect pizza-inspired pilates experience. My yummy mix includes: roll-ups, 100s, single-leg stretch, side bend and side twist.

In Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom Thom and co-author Laurie Lethert Kocanda share strategies, ideas and real-world examples, of how fit moms:
-make time,
- take time,
- share time, or
- snare time.

"Learning how to make the most of each moment, being a mindful mama, is one of the basic skills of all fit moms," according to Hot Sweaty Mamas.

10 minutes matters! Block out a segment of time tonight & enjoy!

Read more from Thom here including her recent post breaking down the myth of the pre-baby body (belly-buttons, boobies and pinot noir!).

The Runner's Pizza from Runner's World.

Questions for You
- What do you like on your pizza?
- What's your favorite pilates move?

The Grim, the Grizz & Buck Meets Bike

I love running into nature during a run or bike route or even a swim. Over the years I've enjoyed meeting a fun assortment of basic animals: deer, fox, snakes, turtles, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, voles, and all sorts of birds. We were obviously too late to meet this porcupine.

The only animal that freaks me out is ... the country dog. I love dogs and we have a lab named Sherpa, but the country dog terrifies me. I call them Grims (Harry Potter reference). Grims have chased and stalked me many times on long rides. I've been chased by dogs of all sizes and breeds. Once I had a country grim and her puppies go after me... puppies can be scary. The right dog could easily knock me over.

Thanks to YouTube we've seen all sorts of bike/foot/animal collisions. Most recently Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa was biking through a South African nature reserve when an Antelope took him out! Team mate Travis Walker caught it on his GoPro Camera. These cameras are SOOO cool, I want one!

Fortunately, Evan survived with no long-term injuries, just a broken helmet. NBC interviewed Evan and Travis this morning, Evan doesn't remember anything after the crash until coming to in the hospital.

My husband is impressed with how easily the antelope turns its hips and body in mid-air to lessen the strike, amazing quickness.

My favorite animal encounter was with a Grizzly bear in Yellowstone two summers ago. We watched the bear work its way down a hillside, digging up roots. As it got closer to the road, most people got back in their cars--smart. The bear passed right in front of our minivan and then rooted around the hillside next to the road. It was incredible. Here's my short clip.

Questions for You:
- What have you met?
- What are you hoping to meet?

photos by me.