Red Carpet & 22 Years!

Dancing + dress-up? Yes please!!

I had a great time this weekend helping Dustin Maher celebrate the release of his book Fit Moms for Life - How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids during his red carpet book celebration.

About 150+ of us:

- ate,
- danced,
- posed,
- laughed and smiled,
- while we supported and celebrated our fitness journey.
Dustin's done incredible things with his business and I wish him the best with his new book! Learn more about the book & watch the book trailer at

I love dressing up and dancing, so I was totally excited to attend. I bought this dress knowing it was similar to a dress I wore to a formal in high school, but comparing the pictures now, it's fun to see how my taste is similar 22 years later! :-)
- Both dresses are: blue & mostly one-shoulder, have ruffles, are asymmetrical and were fun to dance in!
- Both photographers cut off my legs/feet! :-)

It's fun to look back while also taking time to celebrate the now!
Happy 2012!
Questions for You:
- Do you like to dance? If so, when was the last time you did?
- Any dress-up occasions this year?