San Diego: Snorkeling with Leopard Sharks!

My favorite part of our San Diego experience was La Jolla! My friend Amy and I booked a snorkeling tour with San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours, Inc. Yes, it was cold & gloomy, but I was going in! I love being in the water and I couldn't wait to see the Leopard Sharks. I was also hoping to see the California Garibaldi.
FYI: some of the pictures are from the La Jolla Cove area and some are from La Jolla Shores.

I loved diving down to the bottom, but I chickened out near the reef. Too many plants blocking my view, but I did find a Garibaldi! Pretty! (camera shy) In the more open areas, I loved diving down and zooming across the bottom in a streamline with my powerful fins.

We saw a ton of Leopard Sharks. It was so fun! They are harmless (gummy not toothy), but still, swimming next to and above something with the traditional shark shape was a rush. I loved it and the sharks didn't care if I zoomed around trying to get pictures/video. There was a delay on the underwater camera, so I got one picture that turned out well. And a short video. I believe I also saw a Shovelnose Guitar Fish. It has a similar backend as the Leopard Shark. I know I saw at least one fishy body out there that was dark and grey vs. Leopardy.

We saw many open-water swimmers and kayakers. While I enjoy kayaking, I'm so glad we chose to snorkel.

These are some of my favorite pictures from La Jolla Cove. The sun came out once the entire weekend for about 2 minutes, proof in the photo above.

This is Amy and our tourguide Cody. He helped us get started and took us to the sandy flats and nearby reef. It was Amy's first time snorkeling, she did great!

Questions for You:
- What's your favorite place to snorkel?

San Diego: Food! + 4 lbs!

I gained four pounds during a long weekend trip to San Diego this fall! The food was incredible!

Question for You:
- Where would you spend your calories?

Casa Guadalajara in Old Town San Diego

Hodad's in Ocean Beach
Gold Fish Point Cafe - La Jolla & my lunch at GOTRIbal's conference
The Mission in Mission Beach & yes the couple standing next to my friend Amy were extra frisky that morning.

C Level - Point Loma - french onion soup and lobster truffle mac & cheese

San Diego - Places: Hotel, Gaslamp and Old Town

I enjoyed exploring San Diego, so many great things to do!
Here's a quick look--snorkeling and food pictures up next!
photos: hotel pool (Hyatt Regency Mission Bay), the marina, Gaslamp Quarter,
we climbed San Diego Convention Center stairs and later relaxed in the hotel lobby.

photos: Old Town San Diego, a garden outside the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Question for You:
- When on vacation with friends or family who takes the pictures?