1st Sprint Tri: GOTRIbal Webcast Series

New and experienced triathletes will benefit from GOTRIbal's latest outreach, a free series of online classes helping prepare beginner athletes for sprint-distance triathlons.
First timers will appreciate GOTRIbal's niche: empowering and connecting women through the journey of endurance sport.
GOTRIbal Chief Global Officer Tanya Maslach and GOTRIbal Expert Coach Diana Lovejoy led today's first of four sessions going over tri basics like:
- having and finding the yes you can mental attitude,
- equipment for your first tri including: a functional bike, a comfortable saddle, helmet, running shoes, wetsuit and goggles. During the session Maslach promised a how-to video demonstrating how to put on a wetsuit. Check GOTRIbal's site for updates.
- a training plan: Expert Coach Diana Lovejoy will provide an eight-week plan to class attendees, outlining what to do when and how much, including important pieces like rest days and visualization training.

Throughout the session Maslach and Lovejoy kept it moving with an approachable and fun sense of style. Lovejoy responded to questions on topics including:
- how to best build endurance in the swim,
- how running shoes differ,
- how wetsuits impact an open-water swim and how to know when a wetsuit fits correctly, and
- how training for a triathlon helps you reserve time for yourself, which is a good and valuable thing, you deserve it!

Future sessions will cover:
- strength/endurance, preventing injuries and getting strong
- nutrition, fueling for short distance tris
- race prep: even small, but critical details, like the stress-reducing pre-race pit stop.
Maslach hopes the online sessions will be "a great resource and a way to offer current and future TRIbe members content that is affordable and accessible." GOTRIbal has 39 groups, called TRIbes, across the world. Find a TRIbe or learn about starting a TRIbe here.

More Info
- Connect with GOTRIbal on facebook.
- Meet up with 200 GOTRIbal members at GOTRIbal Conference and Retreat 2010 Oct. 16 in San Diego. Learn more about this first-of-its-kind event here. See you there!
- Follow GOTRIbal on twitter.

Questions for You:
- What resources did you use to prepare for your first triathlon?

Summer ♥ - Highlights!

I planted Dahlias this year. I love them! I made this bouquet with flowers from my garden.

Ken planted two lettuce beds, this one is gorgeous. I love backyard lettuce. I love fresh blueberries!

Our oldest catches the big bass. Our youngest boys drop food for the fish. Our oldest floats in our backyard pool. I love our boys and the fun things they do.

I met 2x Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander. Read more here. Besides being talented and polite, I'm impressed with his love for his wife and children, really cool to see.

You know I love dragonflies. And I loved watching this bird feed the other bird in my window feeder.
Two summers ago I took pictures of a Killdeer and its nest. Unfortunately that egg didn't make it. So I loved seeing this little Killdeer running around by my house. The baby did make it back up over the curb.
I love my Village Bootcampers! We're having so much fun!

I loved girls night out at Eclipse! We wore theme t-shirts, went out for food and had an excellent time, plain and simple fun!

Questions for You:
- What do you LOVE this summer?
- What hobbies outside triathlon are you passionate about?

photos by me

Craig Alexander - Racing to Win!

"Every time I race I want to win or put out a great performance," says 2x defending Ford World Ironman Champion Craig Alexander. It's been a good year so far, with five wins, two thirds and one unfortunate crash (cracked his bike frame) out of his last eight races. Alexander races Ironman 70.3 Racine on Sunday.

Alexander (nicknamed Crowie) spoke last night at All Season Runner in Janesville, Wis. Thanks to a facebook link from SBR Coaching I was able to meet Alexander and learn more about him, his family and his preparation for Kona. Kitty Cole, marketing director at All Season Runner, led the Q&A session.

What an evening! I was expecting a short Q&A and a rushed photo opp, instead Cole led Alexander through a well-crafted series of questions, allowing us to get to know this talented and charming defending World Champion. Alexander also autographed posters and posed for pictures with each guest. He was polite, friendly and kept us laughing throughout the session.

For example, when asked about any problems he's had when racing, he laughed and said, "I crashed, I guess that's a problem." And while the bike frame was toast, fortunately Alexander "just lost a bit of skin," he says.

Alexander says his form is on par with previous years. "I want to fulfill my potential and do the best I can do right now and make the most of what's still to come," he says.
During races Alexander thinks of the sacrifices his wife, children, extended family and friends have made while asking himself, "am I doing everything I can right now to improve my position?"

Race day is about you, he says, "getting from point a to point b as efficiently as you can while fueling the right way."

Alexander begins his Kona training next week and will log 40-45 hours a week for a four-week block. Before the Big One he'll work through several more specific training blocks, ending with a two-week Kona prep followed by a taper.

As one of only four athletes to win back-to-back titles at the Ford Ironman World Championships (Dave Scott, Mark Allen & Tim DeBoom fill out the club), Alexander promises to put out a great title defense. Once you win, he says, you'll risk more rather than being conservative and playing it safe.

He calls the Kona field stacked, naming multiple top competitors and adding that on race day, there's always people who step up. This year's men's field should know Crowie is all in and he's never short on motivation.

See my photo opp with Craig Alexander here. Silly me, I was nervous!
Questions for You:
- What triathlete would you like to meet?
- Who will win Kona this year?
Photos by me! My autographed poster is up in our office.

Meeting 2x Ford Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander!!!

What a night! Craig Alexander is so nice!!

Thanks All Season Runner for putting together this wonderful opportunity to meet Craig and to learn more about him!

More to come!

*Thanks to the lady behind me for taking the photo with my camera! I actually froze up a bit! Silly me, I was nervous!

Pardeeville Sprint Tri: Sparkle Skirt PR

I took my last penicillin pill Friday night and woke up Saturday morning ready to race! The Pardeeville Sprint Triathlon is the second of three sprint races in the Wisconsin Triathlon Series. Pardeeville is my favorite because the bike course is fast, with great roads and low traffic.

Unfortunately, my last time at Pardeeville (2008) didn't go well. I got an inner-ear infection that led to my first case of Vertigo in the days and weeks post race. And my younger sister Sue and I raced together knowing something was not right with her health. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease months later. This year Sue's active playing soccer and chasing their kids around, but I hope to see her out on the tri race course again in the future.

This year, I was coming off an extended cough and cold. I'd lost ten days of training, my husband tested positive for Strep and two of our three kids were on antibiotics.

Even so I was excited to be back at Pardeeville! I'd give it my best, focus on technique cues and try to hold on to each second of each segment. I'd also debut my Team Sparkle skirt & my incredible GOTRIbal visor!

left: I think the guy is checking out my Sparkle skirt! I loved wearing it!
right: GOTRIbal is an organization created to empower and connect women through the journey of endurance sport. Three-time World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington is GOTRIbal's Chief Ambassador. Learn more about GOTRIbal and GOTRIbal Fest Oct. 15 in San Diego. I'm excited to attend GOTRIbal Fest this year!

It was a beautiful morning for racing, a little hot, but a glorious morning overall. I got in the lake to warmup and was surprised how good it felt! My wave was last. I'd be racing with the other Athenas and the 30-34 women. The morning went well, with a PR swim, PR bike and overall PR! I missed third place in my division by three seconds!
2008 times
swim: 8:52, T1: 6:46, bike: 2:02:04 (14.4mph), T2: 2:16, run: 42:29 overall: 2:02
2010 times
swim: 8:44 (PR), T1: 2:22, bike: 50:54 (PR) (17.7mph), T2: 1:16, run: 31:07, overall: 1:34:21 (PR).
I missed third place in Athena by three seconds! Looking at her results, I was:
- 1:14 faster on the swim
- 23 seconds faster T1
- 37 seconds slower bike
- 16 seconds faster T2
- 1:20 slower on the run

Questions for You:
- What's your favorite course to race and why?
- What's the closest amount of time you've missed placing by?
- If you could PR in one segment next race, what would you pick swim, bike or run?
photos by my husband