1st Active.com Article!

photo: Paul Greer & I

Friends & family, please read/forward/share/link/tweet/like/etc my first active.com article! My degree is in journalism and I worked as a magazine editor pre-kids. Many of you know I'm working on a nonfiction triathlon manuscript and would like to publish traditionally (hint: this is hard.) Opportunities like my volunteer role within active.com's triathlon community and writing articles for active.com help prove I have a platform, a way to connect with MANY readers/buyers.

Find "3 Easy Ways to Relax Your Run" at http://www.active.com/triathlon/Articles/3-Easy-Ways-to-Relax-Your-Run.htm. And click the like button near the top!

I took San Diego Track Club Coach Paul Greer's run clinic at GOTRIbal's Annual Conference and Retreat in San Diego this month. I loved Paul's coaching style and enjoyed the clinic. GOTRIbal had a great lineup of speakers, a cool expo, awesome food and a beautiful venue.

Paul's bio: Paul Greer is an associate professor in Health and Exercise Science at San Diego City College, has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and has 25 years coaching experience. He ran the mile in under four minutes (3:59.79), was a 1992 U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier at 1500 meters with a 3:39.05 and competed on the European track circuit post college. He coaches for the San Diego Track Club and works with over 700 runners as director of the Rockin’ ‘N’ Runnin’ marathon training program.

Question for You:
- What writing project are you working on?
- What's your quickest mile?

The Amazing Body! & Nerve-path Testing

I've had problems with my right shoulder and arm this summer and decided to get it checked out.

I've had a lot of numbness, tingling, some clicking and some sore spots throughout my neck, shoulder, arm and into my thumb and pointer finger. It's more frequent now and occurs in multiple body/arm positions, so I went for help.

At the first clinic appointment we moved my arm in various ways looking for ideas. While it was numb most of the appointment there were no obvious answers.

Next I had a nerve-pathway testing appointment downtown. We did two tests, one with shocks and one with needles. After the nurse took my blood pressure and pulse she measured my arm temp--it was too cold for the test.

My blood pressure in my right (numb) arm was 95/56. My bp in my left arm was 100/68 and pulse was low mid 60s. We ran my right arm under water to warm it up for proper conduction.

For the nerve velocity test I had electrodes on my wrist and marks along my arm measuring distance. Then the doctor took a shocking device (!!!) and sent a mild shock along different parts of my arm. One of my nerves was deep and he kept turning up the signal ... ow. My right arm was jumping off the table like a frog in science class. But, it was good news, my nerves are firing as fast as a concert pianist or elite athlete, something like 50 meters a second, great!

Then we did the electromyography. I have a tattoo (the doctor thought my m-dot was a birthmark at first.) but needles make me tense, so I was worried about this part.
The needles were thin and most of the actions didn't hurt. Some of the pokes and contractions near and on my hand were painful, but overall OK.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have tests done and look for answers. Two days later my arm is a little beat up and still numb, but I'm confident we'll figure something out.

My next appointment is a MRI (medicated) of my skull, neck, shoulder, arm and then an appointment with a sports medicine doctor.

Think fast! Scientists unlock nerve speed secret

How nerves work & more info on nerve conduction velocity test

Questions for You:
- Have you had an MRI or nerve testing?
- What's the coolest medical fact you know about the human body?

p.s. I'll have pictures and updates from my incredible trip to San Diego soon!

Friday 10-15 GOTRIbal Chat with San Diego Track Club Coach Paul Greer

Thanks to help from my husband, parents and friends, I'm off to San Diego for a long weekend escape with my friend Amy!
My California agenda includes:
- time at an incredible hotel pool!

- a visit with active.com (I love my volunteer role with active within its triathlon community.)

- GOTRIbal's Conference and Retreat Saturday Oct. 16th at the Hyatt Mission Bay Resort! Join me--there's a super 2-for-1 deal! Between Oct. 11-14 registration is $145 for you and a girlfriend! Use code GT2for1. $145 includes all clinics, conference sessions, breakfast, lunch and pool time.

- If you can't make it to San Diego, be sure to block 30 minutes on Friday, Oct. 15th to chat online with San Diego Track Club Coach Paul Greer. Here's info from GOTRIbal about this opportunity:

Paul Greer is an associate professor in Health and Exercise Science at San Diego City College, has a Master's Degree in Physical Education and 25 years coaching experience. Paul Greer ran the mile in under four minutes (3:59.79), was a 1992 U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier at 1500 meters with a 3:39.05 and competed on the tough European track circuit as a post collegian. Mr. Greer also coaches for the San Diego Track Club; the largest running club in San Diego. He works with over 700 runners and is the Director for the Rockin N Runnin marathon training program preparing athletes for San Diego's Rock N Roll marathon. Paul's workouts cater runners of all ages and abilities.

When: Friday, Oct 15, 11:30 am PDT, 2:30 pm EST -- 30 minutes of Q/A.
Where: GOTRIbal Fan Page
Why: Because the GOTRIbal Conference and Retreat is coming up on Saturday and if you can't be there, we want you to have a chance at asking a pro how YOU can feel better, get stronger, and get out there running without injury!
If Friday's live chat doesn't fit your schedule, feel free to post your questions via GOTRIbal's site and they will share them with Paul.
Questions for You:
- What would YOU do in San Diego?
- What running questions do you have?