Florida Adventures - Sanibel! Dolphins, Crabs, Hedwig

While in Florida this month we drove up to Sanibel for some fun family time. It was cold, even for us, but we had a great time and saw/found so many neat things.
I think this seagull looks like Hedwig from Harry Potter. Yes I know Hedwig is an owl.
center: The crab is dead, but I flipped him over and had him pose for this pic. rt: Is this a sea cucumber?

Huge day, two frisky dolphins entertained us for several minutes! It was SO fun to watch!

I think this seagull looks confident. What do you think?
Questions for You:
- What's the best beach ever?
- Best beach for shells?
- Seagull or dump chicken?

Have TRX, Will Travel!

We had the good fortune to travel to Naples, Fla., recently for some family time with both sets of grandparents. My husband suggested we fly with one checked bag ... so I had our kids carry on backpacks filled with their clothes, books, bike helmets, etc and it worked out fine. It helps that in Florida you can get away with less clothing when the sun is out!

I did throw in my TRX and was happy to use it at both homes. I love the TRX. It was a fun way to be active outside and workout while on the road.
I also wrote about flying with my TRX on my blog at GOTRIbalnow.com. I posted a picture of me setup outside my parents garage in Naples. That plant was a little close on some of the moves!
Questions for You:
  • What's your favorite TRX exercise or series?
    My friends at active.com recently shared their ideas in this tri community discussion. Log in and share your best TRX move.

  • I thought it'd be fun to keep a running list of the locations I've used my TRX. Have you done this already? If so, send me the link!

Does This Bike Fit My ...

No matter how far or how fast you plan on riding your new bike--to get a good ride--you need a good fit. A good fit will stand out among purchasing points.

"If you choose a bike based on 10 test rides, you're likely choosing a bike based on the fit of each bike during the test ride," says J.T. Lyons, a F.I.S.T. instructor and bike fitter at Moment Cycle Sport in San Diego. Lyons spoke about bike fit and more at a breakout session during GOTRIbal's 2010 Conference and Retreat in San Diego.

I wrote about Lyons' session and a second DFU demonstration I attended at SBR Coaching in Verona, Wis. DFU Engineer and Creator Mathieu Fagnan was on site at SBR answering technical questions about the DFU's development and purpose.

You'll find my article on bike fit and the DFU at http://www.active.com/triathlon/Articles/Fit-On-the-Fly-With-Guru-Dynamic-Fit-Unit.htm.

While at active.com you'll find athletes in the triathlon community discussing saddle fit. Please login and add your perspective! And for more on saddle issues check out "In the Hot Seat" on p.90 of the February 2011 issue of Triathlete Magazine.

Photo taken by me at GOTRIbal's conference.

Question for You:
- Have you found the magic saddle?