Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 2012

I was thrilled to run this event again this year with my friend Sara. What a beautiful day to run!
5K - 28.26, ~9:10/mile pace, awesome weather

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon 2012

5:27.01  Oct 7th

Ken gave up his birthday weekend so I could run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. It'd been a long time since I'd run a marathon and I wanted to experience it again.

I like trying new venues and Milwaukee was a great choice. I like smaller events and do best training for a fall event vs. spring or summer. I also liked the downward elevation in the last 2 miles of the course. And the medal was AWESOME!!

Race album at

Community Health Network Green Lake Area 13.1

At the awards ceremony following the Community Heath Network Green Lake Area Half Marathon the race director opened with "Congratulations!" Then he said, "as you know this is not an easy 13.1 miles!"

It was hilly but very pretty. There were many areas with shade and sections along the lake. I loved the event size & location, finisher's medal, hat & long-sleeve tech t!

Race album at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4289648392200.2159796.1016173208&type=1&l=4c0714078c

Movin' Shoes Full Moon 5K Run 2012

This summer I ran my first night run and I LOVED it! It was awesome! Early registration was only $20, the t-shirts were awesome and I loved how strong I felt running in the dark.

I had many friends also running the race so it was fun to meet up before and after! We added some flashing bling to our race bibs pre-race and afterwards cooled down with a little dancing.

Most athletes wore glo-sticks or wore headlamps or flashlights. They also had volunteers at corners along the course shining lights on the curb etc. The moon was full and glorious and I felt perfectly safe running.

We stopped at the post-race awards ceremony and had some of the best race food I've ever had!
Trader Joe's and Qdoba are race sponsors. YUM!

Question for You:
- Have you raced at night? What did you think?
- What's the best post-race food you've eaten?


Crazylegs Classic 2012

After a break of several years I was excited to run the Crazylegs Classic again this year! It's an awesome 8K in Madison that finishes in Camp Randall Stadium. They also offer a two mile walk. All proceeds support Badger Athletics. As a Badger graduate and athlete (rowing) I love this chance to run on campus and support my school.

This year was super fun as I ran with my friend Sara! Race day weather is usually tough. This year was cold and a little wet, but we planned/layered well. We got a lot of comments on our awesome striped socks! :-)

We ran the race in 49:55, reaching our goal of 10-minute/mile splits or less. This was huge for me as I'd been taken off running for the prior year. But, with persistent PT, rest and prayer I was able to rebuild some issues with my body, allowing me to find my feet again.

Question for You:
- How have you successfully come back to sport after an injury or life issue forced you to take a break?

ActiveX ♥

In 2010 I flew to San Diego and met up with triathlon-related friends from Active.com & GOTRIbal.com.

I loved meeting ActiveX founder Arch Fuston & participating in that morning's workout! Even during my short visit I could tell how much active.com's employees love ActiveX and the many ways Active.com supports its employees health & well-being! ♥ ♥ ♥ What a cool company!

You can learn more in this short news clip from Fox 5 San Diego.

Congratulations Active.com & cheers to the continued awesomeness of ActiveX!
Read More
My blog post about my active.com visit http://ironmakeover.blogspot.com/2010/11/san-diego-activecom.html
My GOTRIbal blog http://www.gotribalnow.com/users/ironmakeover?page=blog

The Color Run - Brilliant!

The Color Run looks awesome!

As runners pass through each segment of the 5K run they are "blitzed with color -- a special 'elf made' recipe of magical color dust" that is natural and safe. Unlike paintball it doesn't hurt, the web site describes it as "getting into a powdered sugar food fight."

Runners chose to run in various zones depending on how much color they'd like. And the crowd of finishers does a color throw every 15 minutes welcoming in new runners.

Its mission--to bring Color Running mania to the world!
Company overview--"ummmm we like color. ummmmm we like running."
Check it out--The Happiest 5k on the Planet - Las Vegas http://youtu.be/rWjdrHCeG8U

I love how simple The Color Run's mission and overview is. What's one thing you would add to running to make it an incredible experience or to encourage first time runners?

Finding that One Thing reminds me of this moment in City Slickers.

And the splashes of color remind me of this scene in 10 Things I Hate About You!

State! High School & 12U Swimming Championships

In mid-February we packed the stands of the UW-Natatorium in Madison to support our high school swim team capture its sixth straight Division 2 State Swimming & Diving championship.

What a date night! It was so much fun cheering in the stands!

Read more: Another golden moment for O'Donnell and O'Donnell brothers helped build McFarland into a powerhouse

The next morning the entire family was up early and headed to Regionals in Middleton to cheer for our son Truitt who was going for a state cut in the 50 Back. This was the last chance to qualify for the 2012 12 and Under Short Course Swim Championships -- and he made it! I actually squealed I was so excited.

Truitt didn't know what time he needed, and he can't read the clock without glasses, so he didn't know he made the cut. Two teammates passed him on their way to the blocks and said, "hey nice state cut!" And Truitt did a huge fist pump and celebrated, SO much fun to watch as a parent.

State was the next weekend in Waukesha and was like a Spring Break for our family, two nights in a hotel! Truitt swam three events as he had two bonus swims. He was nervous and excited.
The first day he took 2.28 sec off his 100 Breast and 4.64 sec off his 100 Back. He added a tiny bit on Sunday in his 50 Back swimming his second best time (39.5). We're proud of him and of our fellow Shark swimmers - Shark Power!

Questions for You:
- What sports do you enjoy as a family?
- What sports did you play in high school?

Yes! Sports Moments & Never Been Kissed

I smiled and cried watching this totally adorable youtube clip of Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers proposing to Annie Chandler at the 2012 Missouri Grand Prix.

Her response is priceless! Watch here
It takes me back to my engagement to my husband Ken. He proposed the morning of my first triathlon that also happened to be my birthday! What a sweet combo! He waited for me so we could bike and run together and cross the finish side-by-side. :-)

See my former post http://ironmakeover.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-first-tri-sept-1995.html

Questions for You:
- What's your favorite engagement story?
- Have you witnessed a race-day engagement or wedding celebration?
- What movie moments stand out? One of my favorite scenes is from Never Been Kissed. Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQnR9xvUaoY

Red Carpet & 22 Years!

Dancing + dress-up? Yes please!!

I had a great time this weekend helping Dustin Maher celebrate the release of his book Fit Moms for Life - How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids during his red carpet book celebration.

About 150+ of us:

- ate,
- danced,
- posed,
- laughed and smiled,
- while we supported and celebrated our fitness journey.
Dustin's done incredible things with his business and I wish him the best with his new book! Learn more about the book & watch the book trailer at http://dustinmaherfitness.com/.

I love dressing up and dancing, so I was totally excited to attend. I bought this dress knowing it was similar to a dress I wore to a formal in high school, but comparing the pictures now, it's fun to see how my taste is similar 22 years later! :-)
- Both dresses are: blue & mostly one-shoulder, have ruffles, are asymmetrical and were fun to dance in!
- Both photographers cut off my legs/feet! :-)

It's fun to look back while also taking time to celebrate the now!
Happy 2012!
Questions for You:
- Do you like to dance? If so, when was the last time you did?
- Any dress-up occasions this year?