Why You Can - #2 - Say Yes to Triathlon in 2009

Excuse #2. - I can't afford it.

2009 is your year to taste triathlon. As a triathlete, you'll surprise yourself as you face fears and set personal bests. You'll be more confident, have more energy and smile more often. People will be drawn to that difference. Triathlon is a rewarding sport for people of all ages and abilities. I hope to break down your obstacles: time, money, fear etc. Give triathlon a chance.

There was nothing fancy about my first triathlon:
- I wore a swimsuit I already had. I bought goggles, I'm sure they leaked. Read goggle selection and care tips from 22 triathletes in this active.com post.
- Fortunately I had a basic mountain bike and helmet from college, so I used those. I did clean the chain and checked the brakes.
- I wore a cotton t-shirt and spandex, very basic. Many nicer options now available!
- I wore tennis shoes I already had. I played soccer and liked running, so I had lots of shoes.

For more ideas, check out 18 other opinions on triathlon expenses on this active.com thread. You'll learn what gear is required, what gear gives you more bang for your buck and where you can shop for used stuff.

Don't hide behind excuses. If the sport of triathlon appeals to you, stop and listen. Don't leave room for regret. Take a chance and say yes to triathlon in 2009.

You can train for your first sprint triathlon (1/4-mile swim, 15-mile bike and 3.2-mile run) in a few months. Depending on your current fitness level, and your goals, you can train for your first event in as few as 4-6 hours a week.

Other good articles:

Resources: Since you'll probably register for your first event using active.com, take a minute and check out active's triathlon community. There is a section just for beginners, where no question is stupid.
Picture: Ken and I at my first triathlon almost 14 years ago. He proposed hours before the race. It was a beautiful day for racing.


LKA said...

That's a possibly good excuse...but it is total balogna!

I borrowed a friend's bike, bought some goggles and used a swimsuit I had. It can be done on the cheap. I, too, am living proof of that.

What's great is that other triathletes don't judge. They've been where you are.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Thanks for stopping Iron Mountaineer! Good luck in your training this season.