Why You Can - #4 - Say Yes to Triathlon in 2009

Excuse #4 - I'm afraid.
2009 is your year to taste triathlon. As a triathlete, you'll surprise yourself as you face fears and set personal bests. You'll be more confident, have more energy and smile more often. People will be drawn to that difference. Triathlon is a rewarding sport for people of all ages and abilities. I hope to break down your obstacles: time, money, fear etc. Give triathlon a chance.
  • I know you're curious about triathlon.
  • I know you have questions.
  • I know you're nervous or even scared.
    And that's all OK.

I have major fear issues, mostly on the bike. (Ex: will I crash, will I ride off the edge, will I be mauled by rabid dogs, will I get a rock in my eye, will my front tire fly off ...).

I still get nervous on the road. But, I decided to live life, fear included. Some rides are better than others. Overall, it's worth it. I'm experiencing life: the good, the bad and the scary. Life is an adventure - let it happen.

Don't let fear stop you. Take a baby step, but take that step. With triathlon, check things out, volunteer at a race or train for a relay triathlon. Find a safe spot to begin. This is something you can do.

Remember you're safe here and in this sport. Triathlon is known for its camaraderie. I love triathlon's welcoming "yes you can" attitude. Triathlon is a great, safe place to try something new.

Tell me, what are you scared of as a new/experienced triathlete? How do you manage those fears?

If you're worried about looking or sounding stupid, check out active.com's newbie triathlete community, where no question is stupid. You'll find me there, I'm now a volunteer moderator. Come say hello.

Photo: Our son was afraid before his first youth triathlon. He raced anyway. I'll never forget the look of wonder on his face as he crossed his first finish line. Life's an adventure worth living.


adrienne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I must be psychic - I was actually thinking about your blog this morning and wondering what you were up to! A very inspiring post, as always!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Scared? The only thing that ever really bothered me was the COLD water. I would really rather not swim in water below 60.

TriStyleGirl said...

Great, inspirational blog!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The only thing I am scared of is after putting in all the miles and hours and training and the chance of still not being ready to finish. Till I actually cross the finish line, the sense of being scared is a consisant fuel to keep going.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Thanks all for responding.

- Lazy Triathlete: what are your non-triathlete friends/family members top excuses for not doing a race with you?

- TriStyleGirl & Adrienne,
Thanks so much! Any fear issues for you guys? Or other things that get in your way of something new?

- Big Daddy Diesel,
Lack of control on race day may be the worst fear. Great point.

Thanks all!

Patzer Triathlete said...

Thanks for commenting at my blog. My wife is doing her first tri with me in May, and is very scared of the open water swim. Her friend has a canoe and is going to canoe by her side while she swims to practice :)

My fear is the swim-bike transition, from getting out of the water to the first minute or so of biking I just don't like it. Then I'm OK. :)