Coach Vance's Memo & Jerry Maguire's Mission Statement

Earlier this summer I read a blog post from elite Training Bible Coach Jim Vance. In it he described how he left teaching to go pro as a triathlete & why he now wanted to focus on coaching.

"I saw so many things the sport needed, which I had a desire to chase and make happen. I came to realize triathlon didn't need another pro-triathlete. What triathlon needed was leadership. Leadership in coaching, teaching, journalism, development, and growing the sport," he wrote.

In a touchy-feely Jerry Maguire "It was only a mission statement'-moment, I
read his post & thought "Definitely! This is what I too hope to do as a writer and as a coach." I commented on his blog writing it'd be cool to catch a regional event in the future if he's ever in Wisconsin...

Coach Vance responded, writing that he'd be in Madison for Ironman Wisconsin this year and asked if I'd like to help him setup a talk or clinic.

I reached out to area coaches & athletes and thanks to Jerry Landmark, USAT Level 1 Coach at Pinnacle Health Club & Jessica Laufenberg, MA,CSCS Exercise Physiologist, USAT Level 1 Coach and owner of SBR Coaching & Training Center, LLC in Verona, Coach Vance is holding two events this week in the Madison, Wis. area.

This Thursday Sept. 10 (also my birthday) Coach Vance will discuss key principles to speed in the water. On Friday he'll provide a fee-based underwater swim analysis. Details about Thursday's free (& dry) session & Friday's swim analysis at .

I'm excited to meet Coach Vance as well as Jerry & Jessica! I plan on posting tips from the session later on.

Like Jerry Maguire's new company, I believe triathlon is real, fun & inspiring. If you haven't yet said "yes" to triathlon, I hope you'll "come with me" and give it a shot.


robert said...

Its important to follow your dreams. Its a brave step to realise that you need to move from being a competitor to a coach. Great post, thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, I live in the UK :o(

Jim Vance said...

Thanks for the great post Sara! I'm looking forward to the event and meeting you as well. I think it will be even better than people expect.

I really appreciate all the help you gave to make it happen!

Jim Vance