40,000 lbs of Snow & Ice Cream Cones

Tonight the boys & I headed down to the Memorial Union Terrace for Hoofer's 1st Terrace Rail Jam. Fun!!

The club brought in a bunch of snow, setup a steep scaffolding stage & let things get a little crazy. The UW men's crew team parked alongside the Memorial Union Terrace waiting for the first run. I rowed for UW-Madison in college, so it was fun seeing some eights out on Lake Mendota.

We stopped inside for ice cream cones & settled into a cozy spot within the Rathskeller where I'd made sandwiches & served beer as a working college kid.
Questions for You:
-What winter sports do you love?
- Did you work during college?
- What flavor ice cream cone?
photos by me: the Memorial Union is gorgeous! What a great night with my boys!


Beth said...

I'm enjoying your blog and reading the past posts. Fun! I've come to love running in the winter but am hoping to add cross country skiing to my list of joys. I worked as a Resident Assistant in the dorms. What an adventure that was! My favorite ice cream is chocolate with Reese's Cups. :)

Kat said...

-My favorite winter sport is skiing. I've been doing it forever and my best friend has an incredible ski house in Utah so we go every year. I love it!
-I worked at a pool company to put myself through college. I did a little of everything over the years: human resources, regional supervisor and even construction/plumbing and repairs. As a result I have a college degree, and skills that range from working with people to working with tools.
-As far as the ice cream, you can't go wrong with any flavor, so just give me one of each :)

Carolina John said...

you know what winter sport i love? curling. it's been one of my favorite things to watch in the olympics the last few times. and now that we're living in Raleigh, they ahve an active curling club here. i can't wait, we're going to try it out in a few weeks.

Trishie said...

1. snowboarding, but it's been a while !
2. rocky road

skierz said...

Winter sports? SKIING, all the way! Work during college, had to pay for beer and skiing, had no choice. Favorite ice cream, being a Canadian, Maple Walnut(or any other flavor that is being offered)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Beth - Thanks! Yes, I bet being a RA was an adventure!

Kat - jealous! Enjoy that ski house!

Carolina John - our village has a huge curling club (McFarland, WI)

Skiertz- I visited Canada for the first time this August.

Trishie - nice! I'd love to try snowboarding sometime.

All, enjoy that ice cream cone, you all deserve one!