1st Triple Overtime!!

For the seventh time in eight years, Madison Memorial High School made it through tournament play to compete for the WIAA Division 1 boys basketball state championship.

(black & tan at dinner)

My husband and I LOVE watching the tournament. We went out to dinner, walked around campus and settled in for an amazing set of games. My favorite part are the pre-game lineups, when they dim the lights and flash the spot lights while playing "Are You Ready for This?" Total adrenaline rush!

Our seats were fabulous! We looked right up Memorial's bench during announcements and I saw myself on the TV several times. I waved.

Awesome night. Madison won 80-78 in the first-ever triple-overtime in tournament history.
Madison Memorial Coach Steve Collins calls the championship game, "one of those epic games that people are going to be talking about 40, 50 years from now." Collins was recently named 2011 Associated Press Wisconsin Coach of the Year.

Extra Fun:
- We sat next to Mr. Basketball's grandma. She was adorable taking pictures during the award presentation.
- On our other side was a man who couldn't stay awake---at one of the best games in tournament history!?

- What sports do you like to watch?
- What do you do when you see yourself on TV?

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