Ferris, Donkey Kong & Fast Times of Summer!

In the spirit of Ferris Bueller, I'll say, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile you can miss it."

Summer = fast. Here are a few captured moments:

- Rollin' with Donkey Kong: Track camp was fun, we all spent time playing (yes that's a Donkey Kong monster truck)! Read my earlier posts about track camp:

- Fields, fireworks, freedom: I spent the 4th with my family -- fireworks, lake swimming, food and fun as a fam.

Trails & TRX: I celebrated freedom by running on the trails and later enjoyed my TRX.

Questions for You:
- What's the best thing about Summer?
- How are you staying active?
- Favorite Ferris Bueller scene?

1 comment:

Carolina John said...

ugh. No summertime love here. in NC it's so hot we have to stay inside the entire time. I am getting out for some open water swimming, but the rest of it is just hot and miserable.

Have a great time on the trails! Looks like a really pretty stretch of woods you found there.