T-Rex & Flu Shots

I saw this on facebook via fellow triathlete & GOTRIbal member Donna T.
Thanks! It made me smile.

I couldn't stop smiling during my last trip to the doctor --- (no I'm not expecting!). Read my latest GOTRIbal post Flu Shot Strength.

Question for You:
- What's your favorite push-up style?
- What do you love about being strong & fit?

Merry Christmas!


Donna said...

Girl, I loved it so much I had to get the tee-shirt. :) My Crossfit friends will love it as much as me. spread-shirt=dot=com

Sara Cox Landolt said...

!!! Great idea on the t-shirt!!

DonnaG said...

Love the shirt! I personally get up every morning and crank out about 50-55 push-ups and do another set at night.my favorite style is where you keep your elbows underneath your body...I don't know what they are called but, I do those all the time.