Red Carpet & 22 Years!

Dancing + dress-up? Yes please!!

I had a great time this weekend helping Dustin Maher celebrate the release of his book Fit Moms for Life - How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids during his red carpet book celebration.

About 150+ of us:

- ate,
- danced,
- posed,
- laughed and smiled,
- while we supported and celebrated our fitness journey.
Dustin's done incredible things with his business and I wish him the best with his new book! Learn more about the book & watch the book trailer at

I love dressing up and dancing, so I was totally excited to attend. I bought this dress knowing it was similar to a dress I wore to a formal in high school, but comparing the pictures now, it's fun to see how my taste is similar 22 years later! :-)
- Both dresses are: blue & mostly one-shoulder, have ruffles, are asymmetrical and were fun to dance in!
- Both photographers cut off my legs/feet! :-)

It's fun to look back while also taking time to celebrate the now!
Happy 2012!
Questions for You:
- Do you like to dance? If so, when was the last time you did?
- Any dress-up occasions this year?


Dustin Maher said...


It was so good to see you and you were sure rocking that blue dress. Thanks for coming to support me on my big day :)


Marv said...

Yes, I have danced this Christmas with my grandaughters, ages 3 and 5
we rocked the house...I am 68 years, 6-2. I never want them feel old. I have done lot of triathlons and have lots of shirts. They both point to the figures illustrated on the shirts and say "swim-bike-run." Yeah, kids-let's dance !


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Dustin - thanks for commenting & for the compliment! It was a fun night! I hope it matched your hopes and dreams & has encouraged your New Year.

Marv - this is awesome! I stopped over at your blog, looks great!

Let's dance all!
:-) Sara

Colleen said...

Love the picture of everyone dressed up, planking! :)

You look fabulous! That dress is gorgeous!