The Color Run - Brilliant!

The Color Run looks awesome!

As runners pass through each segment of the 5K run they are "blitzed with color -- a special 'elf made' recipe of magical color dust" that is natural and safe. Unlike paintball it doesn't hurt, the web site describes it as "getting into a powdered sugar food fight."

Runners chose to run in various zones depending on how much color they'd like. And the crowd of finishers does a color throw every 15 minutes welcoming in new runners.

Its mission--to bring Color Running mania to the world!
Company overview--"ummmm we like color. ummmmm we like running."
Check it out--The Happiest 5k on the Planet - Las Vegas

I love how simple The Color Run's mission and overview is. What's one thing you would add to running to make it an incredible experience or to encourage first time runners?

Finding that One Thing reminds me of this moment in City Slickers.

And the splashes of color remind me of this scene in 10 Things I Hate About You!

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