Movin' Shoes Full Moon 5K Run 2012

This summer I ran my first night run and I LOVED it! It was awesome! Early registration was only $20, the t-shirts were awesome and I loved how strong I felt running in the dark.

I had many friends also running the race so it was fun to meet up before and after! We added some flashing bling to our race bibs pre-race and afterwards cooled down with a little dancing.

Most athletes wore glo-sticks or wore headlamps or flashlights. They also had volunteers at corners along the course shining lights on the curb etc. The moon was full and glorious and I felt perfectly safe running.

We stopped at the post-race awards ceremony and had some of the best race food I've ever had!
Trader Joe's and Qdoba are race sponsors. YUM!

Question for You:
- Have you raced at night? What did you think?
- What's the best post-race food you've eaten?

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