Save Time in Transition

Recently I raced my first sprint triathlon of the summer. Last summer I was pregnant, so this was my first race back after having our third son. It was a perfect day for racing. Even better, I improved my time at this course. I was thrilled!

My friend Stephanie and I attended a race preview of this course a few weeks before race day. (That's us peeking over the shoulder of a Clydesdale athlete.)

Coach Cindi Bannick runs a series of race previews of the Wisconsin Triathlon Series events. At the clinic we:

  • Swam, biked and ran parts of the course,
  • Practiced our transitions (swim to bike, bike to run), and
  • Talked about race day preparation.
Cindi suggested getting special laces for our shoes to save time in transition. I had seen these before, but hadn't tried them. I bought some after the clinic and now really enjoy them. There are many options out there including:


Easy Laces

What works for you?

Have a great workout!

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