Working Out While Sick

Last week my world was spinning. I had extreme dizziness and weakness. The doctor thought I had an inner ear infection causing Vertigo. She said I had to rest. No working out, no house work, no driving. Do as little as possible.

I am feeling better now, and am very grateful. Rest is a huge part of an exercise plan whether you are healthy or not. How do you know when to skip a planned workout due to illness?

Some suggestions from a Health Minute article :
- It's a myth that you can sweat out germs and toxins.
- Your workout may prolong your illness.
- If you have a fever, don't exercise.
- Don't exercise if you have chest congestion, coughing or shortness of breath.
- Gentle exercise is probably OK if you just have the sniffles or a mild cold.

Wishing you a great workout.

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