Why Triathlon?

The promise of an ice cream cone motivated U.S. Olympian Julie Swail Ertel to enter her first triathlon. Read more about Julie and how she crossed over from water polo to triathlon here and here.

Others are drawn to triathlon because:

  • Triathlon is fun, challenging and rewarding.
  • Triathletes have fun training and racing together.
  • Triathlon is good for anyone, of any age or ability.
I thought triathlon sounded cool and challenging. My husband and I signed up and raced together. Thirteen years later, we are still doing tris. Read why I still love triathlon here.

Triathlon is quickly becoming one of the country's quickest growing sports. USA Triathlon's membership increased 46 percent between 2005-2006 alone. Of members, people in their forties are the fastest-growing segment of USAT membership and of that group women are taking the lead.

You can train for a triathlon now. You don't have to wait:
- until you've lost weight,
- the kids are all in school, or
- you can afford to buy a new bike.

Go ahead, sign up and start training. It's OK to be nervous. That's normal. Surprise yourself and others and try something new. Find resources here to get started. Enjoy!

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