What Not to Say on Race Morning

Top 5 things NOT to say to your athlete on race morning:
  1. That water looks really cold. I bet you wish you had a wetsuit.

  2. Do carp have teeth?

  3. Wow, you're like the ONLY one here with a mountain bike.

  4. I've heard the hills are really bad and there's no shade at all.

  5. What are the distances again? That's it? Well, I can do thaaaat.

What else would you add?

My fellow trifuel.com members add their suggestions here.

flickr photo by Laeh


Joe said...

Due to the thunder we've canceled the swim and doubled the run.(worst case for me from a race promoter)

Wow! The rest of these people look really fit!

Anonymous said...

"dude i just sharted.....in my wetsuit. its going to be a messy T1."

Brandon said...

"Can I borrow your body glide?"

Doug said...

"...do these trishorts make my butt look big?"

jrciv said...

I'm sorry, but I can't find your registration form. Are you sure you signed up?

Stephen said...

"Are you sure you can make it?"

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Joe, jbird2131, Brandon, Doug, jrciv, and Stephen,

Thanks! Your comments make this list much stronger.

I got that nervous feeling reading jrciv's about my race registration being lost!!! Scary!

Anonymous said...

Do not like hearing from my family or friends:
"Man I am tired!" (this is my least favorite)--I just want to say..."Yeah try getting up at 3:15am to set up T1, stand around for four hours, and then race your heart out for another 2-4 hours"

Sladed said...

When another athlete says, "Gawd, I'm sure glad I remembered to bring my [fill in the blank] this time!" and it's something you forgot or wish you'd thought of.