Your First Triathlon - The Bike

My first bike was yellow. It had a basket in front and I thought its banana seat was cool. (That's me in the picture to the right.)

Biking was fun. I rode my bike to school, to the park and to the pool in the summer. I forgot my bike lock combination a lot. I went over the handlebars a few times. Biking with no hands was too scary for me. But, overall, I liked riding my bike.

Biking as a kid made trying a triathlon as an adult seem doable. I'd been on a bike. I didn't have specific bike training, but I knew I could bike. And so can you!

If you can:
- swim (15-20 minutes)
- bike (60 minutes) and
- walk (45 minutes), you can finish your first triathlon.
A sprint distance triathlon usually includes a .25-mile swim, 15-mile bike and 3.2-mile run.

Some things to know about the bike segment of your first triathlon:
  1. Any bike works. You don't need something fancy to enter a triathlon. A basic bike is fine. Do take the time to tune-up your bike, pump the tires and lube the chain. Cleaning tips here from Terry Bicycles.
  2. Go your own speed. You may feel pressure to go faster on race day. Slow down. Your pace is the right pace.
  3. Be safe. Stay to the right of the road, allowing others to pass you on your left. Don't ride right up on someone's back tire either.
  4. Smile! Enjoy the ride. You are doing something for yourself, getting fit and hopefully having a great time. If you have the chance, encourage someone else as you pass them. Triathlon is known for its camaraderie.

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Get out on your bike for a ride, even a short one. Today is a great day to start!

(second picture: Me biking home from Paoli.)


WundaLucy said...

My first bike was red with strawberries on a white seat. I loved it so much!
Good tips - I'm going to buy a very basic bike for my tri, just any second hand one i can get in half decent nick for under $100 I think!

Sherry said...

Wow, you make me think I could actually do a triatholon, even being pregnant! Very inspiring blog! Maybe it will be my way of losing the baby weight when it is all said and done! :)

adrienne said...

I like how you break it down and make it sound do-able. I'm not sure I could do all those in the same day, though.
Love your first bike - I never had a banana seat!