Taste Triathlon with a Relay

As a kid in gym class you most likely ran a few relays. You and your teammates may have passed plastic batons along a track, raced scooters around a gym or dribbled soccer balls across a field.

If you're curious about the sport of triathlon, then consider the triathlon relay to be your next assignment. Go ahead, recruit your own team and line up for your first triathlon relay. It will be lots of fun!
In a relay, typically one person swims, one person bikes and one person runs. This is great news, especially if one segment of the race gives you trouble. Simply assign that portion to someone else!

If you're curious about triathlon, a relay can give you a quick taste. And you don't have to commit to a full race on your own. Many triathlons offer coed relays and mixed generation relays.

Several years ago, my parents and I ran our first relay. I swam, my dad biked and my mom ran. It wasn't an easy race course. And, the weather wasn't super, but my parents hung in there. I'm still totally proud of them.
I'm so glad we had this family experience. How cool.
Go team!
Go to Active.com to search for a triathlon relay in your neighborhood.
p.s. Did anyone else hate the shuttlerun relay in gym class? I had problems grabbing that tiny block of wood.
Pictures by Sara Cox Landolt: My Dad has always enjoyed running, but he took the big leg of our relay. My mom started and ended her run segment with a burst of speed. It was very cool to compete together.


Sherry said...

I went to the active link but couldn't figure out how to search for a relay tri. Any help would be great! :)

Thanks Sara!

Paul Taylor said...

Hi Sara,

Great blog! I found you via a post on Active.com. I started in triathlon last year and have done 4 sprints, an olympic and one relay. I did the relay (race report) to get some of my non-triathlete friends interested in the sport. I did the swim, as the barrier for my friends is the swim. One my teammates is now committed to doing a sprint next year!

My wife and I also created a business to support friends and family on race day. Checkout our store and blog if you get a chance, would love your feedback. (Perhaps a post about it?) If you like what we're doing, please share with a friend.

My goal is to complete an Ironman by the time I'm 40, which is within 2 years. I see you have Ironman as a goal, but I don't see a timeframe. What's your goal?


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hi Sherry,
I googled triathlons in your area and found some great option. I'll email them to you. I'm sorry active.com didn't have any listings, sometimes they don't list events for 2009 until the spring.

I've found a mini and a relay option that looks like a good fit.


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog.

I did visit your store and blog and I am impressed with both. Great business idea!

It'd be fun to connect with your family at a future race. We are driving to Ironman Coeur d'Alene next June and then some local WI events. We'll need race t-shirts!

I failed my first Ironman at IMWI. I went on to finish at IMFL, a much better fit for me. I am working now to publish my book IronMakeover with a traditional publisher. It's a long, slow process, but I am patient!

Keep in touch!

adrienne said...

Oh, I cringe just at the thought of the shuttle run! It was those sharp turns that got me.
How nice that you had the chance to do that with your parents.

Audrey said...

I agree - the Triathlon Relay is a great way to enjoy a sport as a team effort. I've done the Chicago Triathlon as a team with my brother's fiance (swim), brother (bike) and myself (run), twice.

Here's my blog post on our 2007 event. I'd love to do a triathlon all by myself, but need to learn how to swim first:)

Jacqui said...

Hi Sara
Thanks for the post. I did enjoy taking these pics...especially of my kids! Kona is an unreal place, so magical with very good energy. I just read your piece on running shoes. Very funny! I will think of you next time I choose a pair. My new favorites a pair of American flag K-Swiss medium race flats! Awesome! They make me want to run fast! As for your sons reaction to his first tri experience. We are all just BIG kids aren't we!Keep challenging yourself and your kids!
Take Care

Paige said...

Do you have any suggestions on how to train for a relay? i will be doing the running and the one in my area goes like this- 2.5 mile run, 24 mile bike and then 3.8 mile run. i will be doing both the running legs. i can run 3 miles no problem right now, so i am nervous for the break and then starting over again. any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hi Paige,
I sent you an email! Thanks for reading.
:-) Sara