Triathlon + Family: LegoTown

This is LegoTown. This miniature world changes daily.

As we build and rebuild these creative scenes, we build up our family. LegoTown helps our family connect. In busier work or triathlon training seasons, we need the moments and interaction worlds like LegoTown provide.

We think triathlon + family = a good thing. But, it's easy to lose perspective and start chipping away at your family's foundation. Stop now and start repairing your own LegoTown.

Questions for You:
- How do you connect as a family?
- Do you love Legos?

More on Triathlon + Family
- Turn to p.90 of the November issue of Triathlete Magazine for "Walking the Tightrope: How to Balance Training and Family."

Hubby and I have finished triathlons of all distances. We have three kids and this year drove 4,000 miles roundtrip as a family to support Ken's second IM event. Read his race reports and meet Team BAMF here:
Ken & family supported my trip this summer to take USAT's Level 1 Coaching course.

photo by me: One section of LegoTown action!


Jason Andrew Mellet said...

its true, family is very important. Im sure i will be finding that out really soon. my wife is due for a c-section on the 30th of october and i have just completed my first triathlon season and am getting ready for the next.

i enjoy reading your blogs, keep it up.

Carolina John said...

oh yea, i miss my girls every day now and can't wait to get back to see them on the weekends. at least i get all of my triathlon training done now with no familial involvment.

Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

You're welcome! Hope you can understand some of my thoughts and share your ideas with this brazilian fan!
Cheers, Marcos

Trishie said...

I do love Legos. It's been a while since I played with them though :( . Love that you are doing all of this with three kids --- gives me hope that I will be able to race once we start our family :)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Jason - Thanks! How is your family doing?

Marcos - Cool! Thanks for stopping by!

Carolina John- That'd be huge!

Trishie, yes there's hope! But you can see I'm behind on responding here... sorry everyone.

I just learned about Lego Advent Calendars - cool!