Loving Winter: Hills, Boots & Bike Tricks

Afternoon sun + family time = excellent Valentine's Day!
The afternoon sun was shining this last weekend so we bundled up the family for a Valentine's Day winter walk. Ken, E & I walked, T rode his bike and O was in the baby jogger. O's picture didn't turn out.
T rode over snow, ice, salt and mush. Fortunately the 2.5-foot bump he plowed through on a downhill wasn't frozen -- though I'm thinking he may like to try cyclo-cross? He's got amazing handling skills and many tricks, some that definitely freak me out. For example, a few summers ago on his 2-wheeler he flew down a downhill and went into a modified "Superman" move (arms on handlebars, stomach on seat & legs straight out behind the seat).
And you'll see a variety of supertricks on our built-in sledding hill. The neighborhood kids spend most afternoons sledding, snowboarding & snow-surfing in our backyard.

Questions for You:
- Did you have a favorite winter sled growing up? Mine was an orange plastic sled. I had amazing skills on that sled.
- What about cyclo-cross? Have you done it, would you try it?
Photos: by me, even the one of myself.


Karin & Brian said...

I LOVED our toboggan! We had this awesome golf course near our house where we all went and there was a mega hill. I would go with my dad and I would sit in the front of the toboggan, my dad would push and get a running start for us and he would jump on behind me. We went super fast!

Jason Andrew Mellet said...

sorry, grew up in south africa, no snow, but did have a favorite giraffe i used to ride on. nice pics by the way. looks like dallas a week ago.

Velma said...

Looks like fun!!

Beth said...

Super cute pictures! Looks like you had a great family day.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Karin - toboggans FLY!@!! Cool, nice to have a golf course to sled on nearby too!

Jason - I'd love to see S Africa! It sounds fascinating!

Velma & Beth- Thanks! It was fun family time & the sun was beautiful.