Jump Back! Water Fun

Recently at swimming Coach Katie had fun things for us to try, including:

- Reverse Swimming: I'd read about this on facebook updates but had never tried it. You swim backwards. It's like watching a video clip of freestyle on rewind, your toes hit the wall first. I LOVED it!

- Ball Toss: In pairs in the deep end treading water each group would toss a ball up and over the warning flags. My ball kept hitting the flags...

- Underwater swim + pool pushups: we swam across the width of the pool, under all the lane dividers and once at the other side did 10 pool pushups x 4. I was surprised how out of air I was.

- Flutter kick + underwater swim: similar to the pushups, we'd do quick flutterkick against the side & then on Katie's call we'd swim across the width of the pool underwater and kick again. I was out of air on this one too.

- Swim belt + cord - put on this belt & then try to swim to the end of your lane. There were 3 levels of resistance. I tried to easy one & it was so fun, especially the reel-in sensation on the recovery. I did something similar on dry land at the Packer Experience years ago.

- Tug of War - each swimmer swims in the opposite direction while hooked to this rubber cord. You want to pull your opponent your way. We've also done this head to head with a kickboard perpendicularly between the two swimmers. I'm not sure which one I like most. Fun!

And yes Jump Back! is a Footloose quote! I love dance movies and I watched Ariel & Ren's romance 100+ times as an elementary school kid. I read someone's remaking it!

You won't get any dancing here, it's illegal.
Ren: Jump back!
Watch a Footloose trailer here: http://matttrailer.com/footloose_1984
Questions for You:
- Have you tried reverse freestyle? How did it go?
- What's your favorite dance movie?
Photo credit: Our son jumps backwards into the pool on last summer's Alaskan cruise. The lifeguard didn't like that!


Jen said...

No, I haven't tried reverse free style.

Dirty Dancing... ultimate favorite.

Velma said...

I am going to try reverse freestyle tomorrow - how fun!

Underwater swim + pool pushups - my son does this act practice. The kids think it is hilarious, but it is a great work out.

Happy Weekedn

ShirleyPerly said...

I just tried swimming underwater for the first time last Friday and only made it about halfway on my first try. On the third try, I made it to the 2nd set of flags. I hope to do 25 yds before the end of this year!

Oh, on favorite dance movie, maybe Flashdance? I can't really think of any others I've watched!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Jen - I have Dirty Dancing pretty much memorized... :-) Such fun routines, costumes, music!

Velma - how did it go?

ShirleyPerly- I love underwater swimming, but it's tough! We do a drill with kickboards underwater and it's hard to stick down there with the kickboard in front of you. I have Flashdance too - excellent footwork, I use it at summer bootcamp. :-)