A Subtropical SUGOI Splash!

I'm back from a week in Naples, Fla., visiting my parents. (Photo taken by me at Sugden Regional Park.)
**Thanks Mom & Dad!!!**
The kids and I spent most days swimming, biking, walking/running and taking it easy. The boys were thrilled to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse each morning (we don't have cable at home). So while they watched Disney I'd sneak out and run two laps around the association's loop.

But I left the laptop at home... and therefore have fallen behind on some great posts in the works.
Please forgive me Renee, Jessi, Jen & Brenda!!

So, for now, I give you an underwater photo shoot with my oldest son (8) and I. So much fun!!
Left: I tried to get the disposable camera half under water, I was surprised I caught him in the air. Right: We think his hair looks like a pineapple or something... thoughts?

Left: my new pink goggles. I have huge goggle fit issues.
Right: My new SUGOI Turbo Swim racer which I purchased about a month ago. I really like the design and fit of the suit. My torso is long, so not all suits work. I think it's the straps, they look like an elastic headband and the give they provide help the suit settle down & fit properly.
And the last highly-skilled underwater move from our mom-son photo shoot is called...
The Pig Nose!!!

Questions for You:
- What's trickiest in terms of fit? Goggles? Swimsuit? Jeans?
- What move/trick would you do?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I say the goggles. Im a guy so the other two things I dont worry about. But leaky googles suck.

Carolina John said...

looks like you had a really fun trip! love the new gear.

i have the toughest fit with goggles. jeans sometimes - my wife likes J Crew much more than my thighs do.

ShirleyPerly said...

I too have a tough time with goggles. I would love to wear the seal mask open water goggles that many folks wear but just can't get them to stop leaking :-(

Glad you had fun in FL!

Velma said...

I had leaky googles last night - made me cranky. What type do you use?

I am also tall (as you know). I am going to try one of those sugoi suits!

The trip looks amazing!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hey Big Daddy, yes leaky googles suck! My first-ever tri I did with one eye shut, like a cyclops.

Carolina John- thanks! It was fun! :-) Jeans can be trouble.

ShirleyPerly- I had a kids seal mask and adult kid mask, but can't get either to fit well. Too bad because I love the big view!

Velma - I use mostly kids/youth models. I tried on all the samples at one swim store in Madison -- I fit 2 pairs. So, my choices are limited. I hope the SUGOI suit works & you see what I mean with the straps.