DIY: Lara-like Bars

I love creating & trying new things!

When I found this DIY Lara-type bar recipe from Enlightened Cooking I had to investigate! More on official Lara bars here including a FAQ section.

Please visit EC's
blog post for excellent preparation details, better photos and nutritional information. You'll find additional flavor combinations, Cliff-like bars and no-bake oatmeal bars as well. Tons of ideas here.

Here's what my Lara-like experiment looked like:
1. Gather and measure:
- 1/4 C Dried Cherry Berry Mix from Cherryland's Best
- 1/4 C chopped whole dates (I used pre-chopped, next time I'll do differently.)
- 1/3 C almonds
- 1/8 tsp cinnamon
*I added a little more cherries.

2. Prepare plastic wrap pieces before my sticky hands make this step impossible.

3. Pulse cherries and dates into a paste. Transfer to another bowl. *She notes here not to clean the cherry mix from the processor - great suggestion.

4. Put almonds in processor & chop finely.
5. Add chopped almonds and cinnamon to the cherry paste & use your fingers to squish it all together.

6. Place 1/2 of the final mix on the plastic wrap & wrap tightly pressing into a bar-like shape or shape of your choice while removing air bubbles. Store in the fridge.

photos: by me
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Cherryland's Best Cherry Berry Mix $10.48/32 oz., $5.24/lb, $0.33/oz
Almonds $11.78/48oz., $3.93/lb, $0.25/oz
Dates $3.29/lb, $0.21/oz
More about equivalents & measures!
- How many dry ounces in a cup? It depends.
- Liquid and dry measurements.
Questions for You:
What bar-type food do you like most?
What flavor needs to be invented?
Would you or have you tried making your own energy bar?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I like lara and clif bars, I will stomach a powerbar if desperate.

- banana split!!! mmmmmmm!!!

- This sounds so easy, I am going to try it, lara bars are so expensive, and its the same ingredients.

Xavi Garcia said...

Looks yummy!

Thx for sharing and cheers from Tokyo!


René said...


ShirleyPerly said...

Ooh, great post!

I have never tried making my own energy bars but have been recently thinking about it, especially having heard that some folks make their own Lara Bars, which I like quite a bit but don't like their cost. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll need to ask Santa for a food processor for Xmas.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Big Daddy Diesel - I'm glad you tried it out. I want to try apple soon too!

Xavi Garcia - Cheers to you, thanks for commenting!

Rene - total yum!

ShirleyPerly- thanks! I'm glad you liked it! & yes I hope you get the processor this year!

thanks everyone!