New Socks & A New Salad! Thanks Dustin!

For the past six months I've spent the cool early mornings getting stronger via Dustin Maher's Fit Fun Bootcamp program. I'm lighter, stronger and more fit -- but I expected those things to happen!
Some surprises:
- How light I feel emotionally! A new friend called me ditsy this winter during class, totally cracking me up. Most people would NOT associate me with ditsy, but I can't help being happy when I'm working out with friends. And sometimes when I'm a little tired, and have sleepy mommy brain, funny mixed-up words tumble out!

- Awesome new socks! One of my new bootcamp friends named Trish brought me knee-high socks with cool dots on them! I ♥ getting presents - what a fun & supportive community! Trish has lost 68 pounds and eight inches off her waist! And she does amazing one-armed pushups even in formal wear! Learn more about Trish & Dustin in this news clip.

- I'm doing better with sugar! I stopped buying soda. I drink it occasionally at others' homes, but avoid it most of the week. I'm weaning myself slowly off intense sugar, though I think I'll always ♥ buttercream frosting on birthday cakes!

- I'm enjoying new food. I love trying new things! I've recently made my own Lara-like fruit bars, discovered what Quinoa is thanks to Jessi Stensland & today I made this great crunchy yummy salad after seeing Dustin Maher's blog post. *I used olive oil & vinegar. Check his post out for more great recipes!!

Thanks Dustin & fellow bootcampers! I love these surprises & positive changes. I can't wait to see what's next!

Questions for You:
- What's surprised you recently?
- Do you have cool socks?
- What recipe should I know about?

pictures by me


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I was surprised over a recent injury

- Its tough for a guy, I do have sock envie over what females can wear, but my black recovery socks are my favorite

- Simple recipe.
Brown rice, shrimp, avacados, and pico salsa

Make you brown rice like normal

Sautee your shrimp

Slice the avacado

and add all the ingredients together for a light healthy dinner.

Brandi Gancarz said...

Those sox will look super sexy with your hot pants :)

1. I'm surprised by how great I feel mentally and emotionally after 3 months of bootcamp. Further surprised at how supportive, positive and amazing everyone is. I have met amazing new people and made great friends-best gift ever.

2. My favorite socks are my striped smartwools...not so summer appropriate but they are coll and I do love them ;)

3. Will get back to you on a recipe, but here's a quick and yummy breakfast smoothie:

1 scoop whey protein
1 c skim milk
5-6 frozen strawberries
1/2 banana
1/3 cup frozen blueberries

Thanks for being so great :)

Victory is Finishing said...

Love the socks....way to rock the sugar thing! I'm still working on that soda thing myself.
Train safe

Dustin said...

Great job Sarah! It has been awesome to see your progress. This summer will be awesome and PRs in your tris are guaranteed.

-Big Daddy, that sounds like a great recipe, I love a similar one where I use tuna instead of shrimp and I add a balsamic vinegar dressing to it as well.

ShirleyPerly said...

I don't have any cool socks like that and am a very nonadventurous eater but I was very surprised recently when running with a new girl in our tri club who had quit smoking recently and was VERY out of shape. She got a bit nauseous towards the end of the run and rather than quitting said "The worst thing that could happen is that I'd throw up." I learned a lot from her about courage that day!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Big Daddy Diesel - yum!! avo & shrimp are good in anything. I'll take a look at this one!

Brandi - stop cracking me up!
Yes smartwools are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing a recipe & see you in the a.m.!

Brian - thanks for commenting!
I think the sugar thing will always be there, hopefully a better balance long term though!

Dustin - Thanks! Fun class this morning with the poker theme!

ShirleyPerly- I'll keep your friend's advice in mind as I prepare for my first tri of the season... :-)

Joel said...

Recent surprise? hmmm...not sure

Sock guy? not really. My faves today are a pair of footies from Saucony.

Recipe: Chicken Souvlaki. cube chicken breast. Brown in olive oil with lots of fresh garlic, fresh basil and lemon juice. Serve with Basmati rice. YUM.