1st Sprint Tri: GOTRIbal Webcast Series

New and experienced triathletes will benefit from GOTRIbal's latest outreach, a free series of online classes helping prepare beginner athletes for sprint-distance triathlons.
First timers will appreciate GOTRIbal's niche: empowering and connecting women through the journey of endurance sport.
GOTRIbal Chief Global Officer Tanya Maslach and GOTRIbal Expert Coach Diana Lovejoy led today's first of four sessions going over tri basics like:
- having and finding the yes you can mental attitude,
- equipment for your first tri including: a functional bike, a comfortable saddle, helmet, running shoes, wetsuit and goggles. During the session Maslach promised a how-to video demonstrating how to put on a wetsuit. Check GOTRIbal's site for updates.
- a training plan: Expert Coach Diana Lovejoy will provide an eight-week plan to class attendees, outlining what to do when and how much, including important pieces like rest days and visualization training.

Throughout the session Maslach and Lovejoy kept it moving with an approachable and fun sense of style. Lovejoy responded to questions on topics including:
- how to best build endurance in the swim,
- how running shoes differ,
- how wetsuits impact an open-water swim and how to know when a wetsuit fits correctly, and
- how training for a triathlon helps you reserve time for yourself, which is a good and valuable thing, you deserve it!

Future sessions will cover:
- strength/endurance, preventing injuries and getting strong
- nutrition, fueling for short distance tris
- race prep: even small, but critical details, like the stress-reducing pre-race pit stop.
Maslach hopes the online sessions will be "a great resource and a way to offer current and future TRIbe members content that is affordable and accessible." GOTRIbal has 39 groups, called TRIbes, across the world. Find a TRIbe or learn about starting a TRIbe here.

More Info
- Connect with GOTRIbal on facebook.
- Meet up with 200 GOTRIbal members at GOTRIbal Conference and Retreat 2010 Oct. 16 in San Diego. Learn more about this first-of-its-kind event here. See you there!
- Follow GOTRIbal on twitter.

Questions for You:
- What resources did you use to prepare for your first triathlon?

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