Summer ♥ - Highlights!

I planted Dahlias this year. I love them! I made this bouquet with flowers from my garden.

Ken planted two lettuce beds, this one is gorgeous. I love backyard lettuce. I love fresh blueberries!

Our oldest catches the big bass. Our youngest boys drop food for the fish. Our oldest floats in our backyard pool. I love our boys and the fun things they do.

I met 2x Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander. Read more here. Besides being talented and polite, I'm impressed with his love for his wife and children, really cool to see.

You know I love dragonflies. And I loved watching this bird feed the other bird in my window feeder.
Two summers ago I took pictures of a Killdeer and its nest. Unfortunately that egg didn't make it. So I loved seeing this little Killdeer running around by my house. The baby did make it back up over the curb.
I love my Village Bootcampers! We're having so much fun!

I loved girls night out at Eclipse! We wore theme t-shirts, went out for food and had an excellent time, plain and simple fun!

Questions for You:
- What do you LOVE this summer?
- What hobbies outside triathlon are you passionate about?

photos by me


Karin & Brian said...

Your nature pictures are beautiful! I love your dahlias too. My grandfather used to grow those and they were gorgeous every summer.

Robin said...

I love your pics, especially the one of your son in the pool - outstanding!

I love long bike rides and late summer evenings when everyone is out and it's still light but warm.

While I'm commenting, you posted on my blog asking about some interviewy thingy for your blog which I would be happy to do, but I can't find which post the comment was under so I couldn't go back and read it! LMK if you want to do that. My email: jump4joy19 *at* gmail *dot* com.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Thanks so much Karin & Robin, for commenting & for the compliments on my pictures!

Karin, my great grandfather also planted Dahlias, one of the reasons I chose them. Fun!

Robin, thanks! I too love the long summer nights for bike rides and extended outside time. I emailed you about the profile, thanks for considering it.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

THats pretty cool you met Mr Alexander

I love riding my bike and exploring

Huh, you mean there is more to do besides racing and training, this is new to me