Sweet Scooter Moves & Pre-race Thoughts @ Aflac Iron Girl Racine

As a writer and former magazine editor, I love interviewing people! This week I got two chances to trade in my notebook and pencil and instead answer others' questions. It was FUN!

First I met with Iron Girl Across America Host Kelly Covert! Last weekend my friend Stephanie and I raced Iron Girl Racine. It was my first women's only tri and I loved the Iron Girl experience! Covert asked me a few questions pre-race in transition. Looking closer, I'm glad you can't see the blueberry bagel chunk I'd stuffed in my sports bra pre-interview... yah forgot about that. I remembered and removed a soggy bagel in Transition 2 that morning after the interview, wetsuit swim and bike segment! Read my race report, check out the photos and that sneaky blueberry bagel here. And read more about my friend Cheryl Jestis (interviewed in the Iron Girl video) in the athlete profile I did with her here.

This weekend Covert's interviewing athletes and racing as well at Iron Girl Syracuse. Read about her experiences and adventures on her blog. Covert is proud to race with Iron Girl's Team Courage and is celebrating 11 years of being cancer free! YES!

Aflac Iron Girl Racine

Then this morning my sister Catherine called asking if I'd be a source in a NBC 15 Back-to-School report on school-age vaccinations. Catherine works at St. Mary's, a local hospital working with NBC 15 on the story. They were looking for a mom with school-age kids to talk about the decisions parents make regarding vaccinations. The boys loved showing off some of their razor scooter moves: the flamingo, the up-and-down, the wiggle, the jump, the mini-man, not all of the moves made the cut.

NBC 15 Interview
*it's not embedding properly...

Questions for You:
- What scooter moves can you or your kids do? I grew up rollerskating and frequently won shoot-the-duck contests. It's like a one-legged squat on skates.
- Who would you love to interview? I want to interview age-groupers and Cinderella finishers on the Big Island someday.

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