SuperCorn & Burnsides Bridge

Next week our kids have doctor appointments, soccer team meetings and school registration—school starts September 1! Tick tock.

It's been a fun, full summer:
- first swim team experience for our oldest (go Sharks!)
- swim lessons for everyone
- a few rounds of illness & meds
- a boys-only trip to Gettysburg and Antietam (see above pictures)
- time at the farm fishing and playing
- eating out of our garden
- several sprint tris: Lake Mills, Pardeeville, Iron Girl Racine (2 more to go!)
- my first news interview
- a chance to meet Craig Alexander, 3x defending IM World Champion
- weekly bootcamp workouts with my Village Athletes
- weekly swim date with my husband
- new swimsuits! Our toddler pointed at the unicorn on my new Splish swimsuit & said, "SuperCorn!" It makes me smile.

Questions for You:
- Have you smelled fall in the air yet?
- When does school start where you live?
Photos by me, my family & the swimsuit from

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Kelly said...

Too early to think about fall!! Still lots to do for the summer. Our kids don't start back until 9/8...way too late if you ask me. I'd rather them start earlier and then get out earlier at the end of the year.