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I was thrilled to visit during my first trip to San Diego! I've volunteered with as a moderator in its tri community for 2.5 years. I remember reading Active Toby's first message asking me if I'd like to officially volunteer since I was already doing all the things expected of volunteers. Of course! I love and working in the tri community is a perfect fit for me.

The visit was fun! I met Arch Fuston first. I arrived early and Arch was setting up for the morning ActiveX workout. I love trying new workouts and learning new exercises. And since I run my free weekly Village Bootcamp workout in the summer months I'm always looking for new ideas! ActiveX was well organized, fun, and efficient. With Arch and ActiveX Active's employees are in good hands, what an amazing workplace benefit! Thanks Miley for partnering with me! Thanks Arch and group for letting me participate.

After the workout and shower (amazing hotel-like locker facility) Active Toby and I had breakfast at a little cafe. His last name is Guillette, but I'll always call him Active Toby. We talked about running, Grizzlies, photography and other outdoor adventures. That weekend Toby was peaking for his Grand Canyon R2R2R. Read his race report here.

I also met with Liz Harrell, Michelle Valenti and Justin Ramers. I loved visiting with them and learning more about their stories and about Arch gave me an awesome new tri suit and a matching one for my triathlete husband along with some other goodies. I got really quiet when he continued taking out new items for me. Of course I lusted after it and wanted all of it, but was I being greedy? I hope not. You can see my happy face below modeling the tri suit. I was excited to test it that weekend during an openwater swim clinic with the GOTRIbal conference (not too many OWS opportunities in Wisconsin this time of year!). FYI we did not swim by that strange looking pipe in the water behind me, but a mile or so away in Bonita Cove.

Photos: Active Toby!, my new tri suit!, and by chance we bumped in Arch two days later at La Jolla Cove right after his OWS. **I had post-snorkeling crazy hair and am again wearing this green shirt as a top layer because it was COLD in San Diego.

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Questions for You:
- How do you like to volunteer?
- Where do you find new ideas?

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