San Diego - Places: Hotel, Gaslamp and Old Town

I enjoyed exploring San Diego, so many great things to do!
Here's a quick look--snorkeling and food pictures up next!
photos: hotel pool (Hyatt Regency Mission Bay), the marina, Gaslamp Quarter,
we climbed San Diego Convention Center stairs and later relaxed in the hotel lobby.

photos: Old Town San Diego, a garden outside the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Question for You:
- When on vacation with friends or family who takes the pictures?


Carolina John said...

Looks like a fantastic vacation! we both tend to take pictures, but only of the kids. strange.


My wife and I are camera spazes. We never seem to have the camera with us when we need it and when we do have it, it's not charged or we can't figure out what function to use to get the best shot . . . etc . .

Great pictures and ideas of places to eat in SD for the next time that I am there.