Spring Flowers - Outside Explore: Tune in or out?

(tulip photos by me)

From Runnersworld.com's Daily Kick in the Butt:
"Every day, I stop halfway through my run for five minutes, look around, and enjoy the surroundings. I'm reminded of why I do this and why I love it so much."
-- Anita Ortiz

(tulip photos by me)

And from espnW.com, Leslie Goldman's feature on distance-runner Diane Van Deren.
Van Deren processes time differently as a result of a lobectomy she had in 1997 to help with Epilepsy. Learn more about this incredible athlete, her success with distance running and how she uses sticky notes to find her way.

Questions for You:
- What do you notice while training outside?
- Do you stop to take things in while on a run or ride? Or are you all business?
- Thoughts on distance running and the ability to tune out past miles?
- What's your favorite use for sticky notes?


Christy said...

It is sometimes hard for me to notice your surroundings when out training but just the other day when I was out solo on my bike, I had this sense of peace that surrounded me. It was lightly starting to rain, I could smell honeysuckle and a cool breeze came along about that time. It was glorious! So when it started pouring shortly thereafter, I didn't mind so much!!!

Beautiful photos too!

Sherry said...

I've noticed the same dead snake twice now - ick! :)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Thanks for commenting Sherry! Ick!

I had another nice comment & something happened with blogger, so I apologize to the other commenter! :(