Swearing at Church Camp: Summer Adventures

photos: My dream came true the year I worked as summer staff---I got to be one of the puppet fish. (right) We went to the Apostle Islands for a staff team-building weekend.

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend camping at the church camp I attended as a kid. Lake Beauty Bible Camp is in Long Prairie, Minn., about a seven hour drive from where we live.

photos: Camp-style braids, hat, flannel and layers. The most glorious crisp-rich dutch oven potatoes. My spork, I love it.

We set up our tent immediately and wrapped that up right as the first drops of rain fell. It would rain for the next 12 hours and thunderstorm later on during the long weekend.
Thankfully our tent and gear stayed dry and warm and all three kids slept through the thunder! We signed up for the meal plan for lunch and dinner, but made breakfast on our campfire each morning. We brought our dutch ovens, skillet, kettle and coffee press.

photos: Ken enjoying breakfast.

It was fun showing my family around camp, comparing what was new and what was not. When I worked on staff, I was one of two activities directors and I led and played games with the campers in groups from 10-200 kids ages 6-18.

photos: hi-ropes course, the pamper pole, playing soft baseball in the gym.

As a family we spent a lot of time playing:
- a game we call run scrub run
- kickball
- baseball
- paddling
- hiking
- cards
- army guys
- on the jungle gym.

photos: On our way to chapel. The dining hall. Playing Bandits.

photos: Fun times around the campsite.

photos: bacon, blue skies and coffee.

photos: Little Falls, Minn. Beautiful spot along the way, though being close to rushing water freaks me out.

And finally, I have a special little story about swearing at church camp.

Our youngest (Orry) is in pull-ups. He's about the same age that his older brothers made the move to underwear, but we're not there yet. Fine.

It's our first morning at camp and we're settling in. My husband walks Orry to the bathroom. The bathroom building in family camp has flushing toilets, but it's rustic (not much water pressure, exposed pipes, bugs etc). He and Orry walk up to a stall and creak open the plywood door. They observe the clean, but rust-stained toilet before them...

And then Orry drops the f-bomb. "Oh f***," he declares, this from a little boy who craps his pull-up. Go ahead and pray for us.

Questions for You:
- Did you attend camp as a kid?
- Do you know what a Pamper Pole is?
- What's your favorite campfire meal?

photos all by me.

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Colleen said...

Camp sounds amazing and those pictures are awesome. I didn't attend camp - except for the 3 days in sixth grade that we went with school. I was always jealous of the kids that got to go over the summer and had great friends there. Family camp... that would have been awesome!

The f-bomb drop was too funny! :) Kids...