The Garden Zone & MyPlate

One of the things I love most about our garden is the lettuce. Fresh lettuce is amazing. I don't remember the name of the lettuce mix my husband planted this year, but when it's ready I can't wait to pile it high & deep!

(You may remember I love Bob Wiley - read why big breakfasts rule & catch the What About Bob clip within my post on, an organization that helps connect and empower female endurance athletes.)

Having a garden helps our family eat better. We love the planning, planting, watering and care required to bring fresh food to our table.

Sometimes plants freeze or wilt or the rabbit gets them, but overall the garden is well worth the time and money. We're not gardening experts -- and I'm glad we're not-- I think it's more fun not getting trapped in the details.

- Author Adam Kelinson shares why planting & caring for a garden encourages nutritional success in this article, "Gardening for Triathletes."

- Say buh-bye to the food pyramid and check out the U.S. Department of Agriculture's new MyPlate structure. I love this change!


- Green thumb, yes or no?
- Best fresh vegetable?

- What vegetable did you grow into? I didn't eat tomatoes until my twenties!

photos: our rain barrel, lettuce and a pepper plant from last year.


Colleen said...

:( I'm so jealous of people that can grow things. My grandma could and would grow anything! Me... I kill just about anything I plant.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hi Colleen! Thanks for reading & commenting!

I am ok with the garden, but house plants started dying after we had our third kid.... :-)