More than a race: 100+ reasons to smile

In the 16 years since McFarland organized its first sprint triathlon not too much has changed—and that’s intentional according to McFarland Aquatics Director Katie Heiser. “Our focus isn’t on numbers or growth,” she says. “It’s about the people in our community.”

With a strong foundation, it’s easy to stick to your roots. Three main aspects of the McFarland Family Festival Sprint triathlon include: it’s local, it’s about families and it’s doable, says Heiser.

... Please read the rest of my article featuring our local sprint triathlon coming up Sept. 16-17th. Unfortunately the print version in the newspaper left out the information box with dates, prices, distances and how to sign up. I've requested the online version be updated.

Overall, this was one of my favorite pieces to write. It's a pleasure combining my background in journalism with my passion for triathlon.


- Name 3 great things about your favorite local fitness event!

- Name 3 things to smile about on race day!

A smile on race day can do powerful things.

photo by me: bikes lined up ready for the youth triathlon 2010


Carolina John said...

I always love it when people are surprised to see me smiling near the end of a race. Looks like fun!

Judy said...

Just wanted to pop in and say that I'll have my first tri this Saturday and still remember you encouraging me to consider one more than a year ago. I'm looking forward to it and have had a great time training.

Di Tri-ing said...

I am always smiling on race day because it feels SO GOOD to be out there doing what I've been training for all along.

Three things about my favorite local event (South Maui Triathlon) - the clear, warm ocean water; the scenic bike and run; and THE VOLUNTEERS - they are awesome and we wouldn't be out there without them.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Thanks guys for commenting!

Judy, I tried to comment on your blog and it won't give me access. I enjoyed reading about your experience and think you got some awesome photos! Congratulations!!!

Di Tri-ing !
3 things ... could be simply the words South Maui Triathlon, eh?

Enjoy the week!