Village Bootcamp #2: Welcome Back!

I lead a free one-hour bootcamp-style workout Tuesday nights at Highland Oaks Park in McFarland, Wis. If you're in the neighborhood, please join us. Bring water, a blanket or mat & small weights or bands if you have them.

Welcome new Village Bootcampers! Thanks for joining us!

Resources for You:
Here's more info on why & how intervals work for you:
- The Myth of the Fat-burning Zone
**why long, slow steady-state aerobics is NOT effective for fat burning
- Land of the Lost training
**as a triathlete I trained in the nowhere zone
- Cardio Queen Sees Light of Day
**Abby attends Dustin Maher's Fit Fun Bootcamps. Read more about her transformation!

Music: What Works Best
Music with a beat between 120-140 beats-per-minute is most effective for your workout, according to Dr. Costas Karagerghis' study "Music in Rehab Project."
- Fitness Magazine's Top 100 Workout songs
- Race Motivation Songs from

Question for You:
What song gets you moving?

Village Bootcamp #1: Why intervals work, pre- and post-workout nutrition tips & bootcamp-style exercises from

Next Time:
Tuesday July 14th 6:30-7:30 at Highland Oaks Park in McFarland
*rain date Thursday July 16th at 6:30
*bring water, mat/blanket, small weights/bands & wear good shoes.
*other dates/times may open soon, as my co-op leaders get organized

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