Village Bootcamp #4: Letting Go of Perfect... & Totally Awesome Abs

I lead a free one-hour bootcamp-style workout Tuesday nights at Highland Oaks Park in McFarland, Wis. If you're in the neighborhood, please join us.

Welcome to our new Village Bootcampers! Thanks for coming Diane, Helena & Cathy! And, thanks to everyone for being flexible with the rain tonight! Fortunately the shelter helped us get in some great compact moves!

Why I Love Village Bootcamp: Sara (me)
I created VB because I felt it was a great fit for our Village. Bootcamp could help us:
- know our neighbors better and in different ways
- exercise, laugh and have fun
- feel better about ourselves, and
- build stronger families.
Thanks for your willingness to grow with me! I love working out with you.

Initially I wanted to wait until I was: thinner, lighter, stronger, faster, to put this together. As a leader I felt I should look a certain way in order to lead. It took some time for me to say, "no, it's OK, let's do this now." The same thing happens with happiness. I don't want to be happy 5-15 pounds from now, I want to be happy now. I hope you've already made that connection.

Know this, you are wonderfully made. And only you can offer you to the world. If there's something you want--go get it.

Here's some inspiration & some super abs from! (I volunteer within active's triathlon community.)
- Breast-cancer Survivor Puts Heart & Soul in Danskin Triathlon
- ABSolutely Effective Abdominal Exercises - I love the reverse crunch.
- If you haven't yet watched the trailer for Mary and Bill, do so now. You'll be inspired & entertained!

p.s. I'd like to feature bootcampers each week.

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Next Time:
Tuesday July 28th 6:30-7:30 at Highland Oaks Park in McFarland. *Rain date Thursday July 30th at 6:30. *Bring water, mat/blanket, small weights (5-20 pounds)/bands & wear good shoes.

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