I Passed USAT Level 1! & An Ironman Collage

I was thrilled to take USA Triathlon's Level 1 Triathlon Coaching course this summer in Minneapolis.

USAT had a great mix of topics and presenters including:
- Bob Seebohar, Triathlon Nutritional Strategies
- Bobby McGee, Sports Psychology & Mental Skills
- Krista Austin, Exercise Physiology
- Fiona Lockhart, Cycling Skills
- Loryn Cozzi, Communication, Ethics & Risk Management
- Scott Tripps, Swimming Skills & Economy Training
- Hector Torres, Triathlon Specific Training & Key Workouts, Periodization and planning
- Dan Cohen, Periodization and Planning, Practical application
- Bobby McGee, Running Skills & Economy Training
I loved the clinic! I hope to share some snippets from it here in the future.
I recently mailed my take-home multiple choice & essay exam to USAT. My certificate came back today! I passed! I hope to take the Level 2 exam in the future. Thanks USAT--you've put together a great program!
I also wanted to share a collage I made from my hubby's Ironman Cd'A this year. What an exciting summer it's been!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

congrats on the cert!

al said...

excellent news; congrats!

Carolina John said...

congrats getting the coaching cert nailed down! I know that is a big accomplishment.

Toby Guillette said...

Way to go, coach!

Ange said...

I just found your post! I want to do taht training I think....also a mom of 3 boys here. :)
looking forward to reading mroe aboutyou

Velma said...

Way to go coach!!!!!! Love the photos.

Sunny said...

Hi Sara, I have only hearty congrats for you... it's not a cheap or easy certification, so you know good work went into it!
Happy coaching, -Sunny

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Thanks everyone! Each of your comments lifts me up. It helps me feel connected too, even though I've yet to meet each of you. Have a great weekend!