Meet an Athlete Escort & √ Out the Bike Count @ Ford Ironman World Championships

Thanks Jessi Stensland for your updates from the Ford Ironman World Championships! Stensland is a professional endurance athlete, movement specialist and expert. Tune in this Saturday for NBC's broadcast of the 2009 Ford Ironman World Championships 4:30-6 EST. 96-second teaser preview here.

As triathletes we LOVE numbers! So of course it makes perfect sense to find The Bike Count at the Ford Ironman World Championships! Triathlete Magazine sponsors the count and many industry volunteers make the annual event possible.

#1 - Cervelo crushed the count again (462 up from 415 in 2008). My hubby's bike made top 4, mine top 12. In the Kona Count you'll also find tallies on wheels, helmets, saddles, aerobars, components, power meters, compression socks, footwear, speedsuits, apparel shorts, apparel tops and apparel suits. Find the list of top bike brands here.

The Bike Count takes place at bike check-in the day before raceday. I'd love to be a counter! And my hubby's CPA skills are top-notch! But until we land on the Big Island I'll follow reporter Jessi Stensland and Alice, an athlete escort, as they take us through the check-in process here in this short video.

link here

On Topic:
Turn to p.146 of the Jan 2010 issue of Triathlete Magazine for the Kona Count.

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Learn more about Stensland's day-long MovementU workshops here. Read @TriBoomer's MovementU report! He calls MovementU the "best day-long triathlon training clinic evah!" My hubby Ken and I are super excited for MovementU's Madison area class in 2010, dates to be announced soon!

Questions for You:
- How do you feel about numbers?
- Where does your bike brand fall in the count?

photo credit by me: I saw many sea turtles when I was on the Big Island. But I met this turtle in the Grand Cayman Islands.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- my TT is a cervelo and roadie is a giant

- ahhhh numbers, I had to stop logging numbers in the off season so I can relax and recover.

TxTriSkatemom said...

I love my running log. It tells me everything! but I have to end every run on the mile mark (or .5 at a minimum) so I don't have uneven totals. 5Ks and 10Ks (and even the extra .2 on a marathon) mess with my head.

Um, my bicycle is an old steel thing they used to sell at Toys "r Us. seriously. I doubt there are any of those at Kona!!

Karin & Brian said...

I have an Argon so there were 43 of them... I must be a little unusual for a triathlete because I really can't stand numbers. :) I have an old school watch, haven't used my Garmin in a couple years and don't have any fancy computers attached to my bike. Right now, I just like to go go go and worry about how long it took me after the fact. Can't wait to watch Chrissie race on the Kona broadcast this weekend!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Big Daddy Diesel, Thanks for being my #1 commenter this series! & yes, sometimes we all need a break from the details.

TxTriSkatemom- Thanks for responding. Funny - you have to end on the mile mark!! WOW! I've read about an old clunky bike on the ocean floor in Kona that local athletes swim by & around for fun.

Karin - go go go is good! With rowing we'd do tests & tape over our #'s & see if we rowed harder lighter without "knowing" how hard we were going.

I'm excited for the broadcast too!!