DIY: Agility Ladder Project

photos by me: L-While I worked on the ladders, our toddler destroyed his kitchen area.
C- the rope bundle. R- tools required!

Last summer I created and then led a weekly outdoor bootcamp-style workout. Village Bootcamp attracted between 10 and 30 athletes each session ranging from their early 20s to 60+. Read more about our group here.

I'm planning combinations for this summer's workouts. I do mostly bodyweight exercises, but use some tools. I thought agility ladder exercises would be great so I decided to build my own ladder. To get some ideas, I started a thread within's triathlon community where I serve as a moderator. (Please come & say hello!)

Some DIY instructions & exercise suggestions:̢۪s-guide-to-foot-speed-and-agility-training/peed-and-agility-training/

An athlete named Alexander responded & suggested I check out the rope at Home Depot & use zip ties to secure the corners.

My update on
"OK, I was able to make 2 agility ladders with the 100 feet of rope. Here are the nonprecise details:
- rope Diamond-Braid poly rope 3/8" x 100' Home Depot on sale ~$10
- zip ties: I bought the neon 8-inch ties because I liked the brighter colors, other lengths available. 100/~$3
- tape: to put over the cut rope ends
- scissor
- marker
- something to measure with

Ladder 1: ~14 ft 10 inches long with 17x16 inch boxes
Ladder 2: 12 ft 2 inches long with boxes 18x 16 w & extra cross sections on sides of ~10 inches right & left

Things I'm not sure about:
- If it'll move too much & annoy me when the boxes lose their boxy shape.
- Which type will work best with my group.
- Other ways to improve it: attach thin flat slats underneath the cross-rungs? I don't know.

photos by me: I made two types of ladders. When our toddler ran out of things to destroy he stopped by to test my ladder.

Questions for You:
- Do you like agility ladders/exercises?
- Have you made a ladder or something else fitness related? *Find out how to make hurdles within the thread.

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Teresa said...

I use an agility ladder in a boot camp I attend and it's great. The ladder we use has plastic tubes over the rope for a little added stability. It also helps keep us on our toes - it's a no-no when our heels hit the plastic. You could try some small PVC tubes to accomplish that.